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Housing, health and transport: critical Rongotai election issues for Paul Eagle

News from NZ Labour Party
The New Zealand Labour Party is pleased to confirm Paul Eagle as its candidate for Rongotai for this year’s General Election. More than 100 party members turned up to hear Eagle give his confirmation speech as the sole nominee for Rongotai.

Party President Nigel Haworth said Eagle was a superb candidate with deep connections in the electorate, which he had built through his work as a respected and hardworking city councillor for the past six years, culminating in his appointment as Deputy Mayor.

“Paul’s experience and community networks make him an excellent advocate for the people of Rongotai. Our focus now is on winning the election with a Labour-led government that will back the Kiwi Dream and build a better New Zealand.”

Eagle said he was honoured to be given the task of continuing the legacy of current MP Annette King.

“A hugely popular figure, Annette has worked tirelessly to serve the people of Rongotai for the past 23 years, and the Labour Party for more than four decades.

“It is an enormous responsibility to try to fill the shoes Annette has left, which is why I’ve spent years working alongside her to learn what it takes to be a highly effective electorate MP.”

Eagle, 45, says he will continue to perform his deputy mayor’s role throughout the campaign and resign if he wins the seat in September.

He says he will campaign on housing, health and transport – issues that are critical to the electorate.

“From experience, I’ve learned that a good family life begins in the home – a Kiwi birth right that’s gone horribly wrong for many. My goal is to make New Zealand a better place for all Kiwis, especially those 295,000 children who are living in poverty right now.”

The son of a retired Methodist Minister and mother who worked in the health sector, Eagle says he learned the importance of community service and helping others.

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  1. Ian Apperley, 13. February 2017, 16:21

    Waste of a press release and very thin even on rhetoric.