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Rapid response

by Lindsay Shelton
My garage in Brooklyn was broken into the other night. I almost didn’t notice. Walking down the path on my way out of the house, everything seemed normal. But then I saw bits of the lock on the ground. And then I noticed that the side door of the garage wasn’t shut.

It turned out that during the night – one of those stormy nights – someone had prised open the lock with a screwdriver or a chisel.

But inside the garage the car and the scooter were both locked. So all that was taken was a crash helmet.

When I got back home at the end of the day, I called the police. (Its website says to report crimes on the phone, not online.) I called the number, but by then it was outside office hours. A recorded voice told me to leave a detailed message. This didn’t sound like a good idea. So I waited till the next morning, and called the same number. It was quickly answered by a helpful person who immediately identified my street. (“I’ve got a map,” she said. She also said “I’m in Auckland,” when I asked where she was based.) I gave her all the details. She gave me a file number. My file arrived arrived promptly as an email.

Even better, within an hour, a police officer arrived in our street.

She photographed the damaged garage door, and put messages into neighbours’ letter boxes, warning them of the crims in their neighbourhood.

I complimented her on arriving so quickly. “I was in the area, so it was easy for me to come across,” she said. Nevertheless, I was impressed.

I was also impressed by the speedy service from Beveridges, the locksmiths. Within a couple of hours of phoning them, they’d replaced the broken lock. They provided a stronger one, which I’m hoping will be resistant to screwdrivers or chisels.

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  1. Sekhmet Bast Ra, 20. February 2017, 15:10

    Sorry to hear about the break in. We’ve found the best way to contact police for a non emergency job in Wellington is to avoid using the national number and call Wellington Central Police on 381-2000. Wait for the recorded message to finish then an operator will answer. Ask the operator to put you through to “Police Coms” and you will be talking to a sworn police staff member at the communications center who has R/T access to units on patrol. This works 24/7, so no need to wait for office hours. We’ve heard reports of other burglaries/attempted burglaries in Brooklyn area recently, so eyes and ears open folks, do not hesitate to notify police at first instance if you witness suspicious activity.