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Extra CCTV camera aims to increase safety on university walkway

News from WCC
The Wellington City Council is working with Victoria University to keep the streets leading from the university into the Wellington CBD safe.

Focusing on the Boyd Wilson Field to the Terrace Walkway, the Council will be installing a CCTV camera at the top of the stairs to connect with the CCTV system operated out of Victoria University.

Mayor Justin Lester has announced that this is a first in a series of safety initiatives in the area.

“I am committed to keeping the streets of Wellington safe. This is an area used frequently by university students and we want to make sure they have safe pathways into town,” he says.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone in Wellington feels safe when they are walking around the city.”

The Council is also investigating smaller projects aiming to open up the area, making it more visible and safer. These include increasing the frequency of maintenance and an increased number of clean-ups to remove rubbish.

Social Development Portfolio leader and Lambton Ward Councillor Brian Dawson says the additional camera will be monitored through the CCTV hub based at the police station. “Our CCTV volunteers will be able to immediately alert police and the university security of any issues. It’s great that we are able to work together to keep Wellington safe,” he says.

Victoria University of Wellington Student Association President Rory Lenihan-Ikin welcomes the work. “It’s great to see the Council and Victoria University working to make the streets safer,” he says.

“This is going to make a huge difference to the students who use that walkway every day.”

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  1. Ian Apperley, 17. February 2017, 14:50

    It’s amazing that it’s taken this long… Two or three years for a camera?

  2. Mary M, 17. February 2017, 15:53

    There is plenty of evidence that people are not safer because of the presence of CCTV. They are just one symptom of the totalitarian surveillance state.

  3. Justin Lester, 17. February 2017, 16:07

    This is something that I committed to during the campaign. Great to see that it is getting done. [via twitter]

  4. Concerned Wellingtonian, 18. February 2017, 5:39

    I recall that the Mayor also campaigned by saying that it would be a “terrible look” with the Chinese Government if the Council did not proceed with a Chinese Garden on the Waterfront. Lucky that he;s being selective about his campaign.

  5. Mike, 18. February 2017, 7:20

    You committed yourself to the totalitarian surveillance state?