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Zoo’s oldest giraffe has health check and hoof trim

Press Release – Wellington Zoo
Wellington Zoo’s veterinary team and external specialists today performed a successful health check and hoof trim on Tisa, the Zoo’s 26 year old female Giraffe, under general anaesthetic.

“The Animal Care and Veterinary Science teams have been monitoring Tisa closely after observations showed that she was showing signs of discomfort in her left hind foot,” said Jo Richardson, Animal Care Manager.

“After extensive consultation between the Zoo’s Animal Care and Veterinary Science teams we decided a health check under anaesthetic was in the best interest of Tisa, as her condition had not been improving after initial medical treatments. We performed a general anaesthetic procedure on Tisa to give her a medical examination, take some x-rays and trim the hoof that has been causing her trouble.”

The procedure was performed in an hour by a large team consisting of 29 people, including veterinarians, Animal Care staff and specialists from around the country.

“Yesterday we had assistance from several specialists, including an anaesthetist from Massey University, Vicki Walsh, who used an equine anaesthetic machine to assist with the procedure and monitor Tisa closely. We also had equine veterinary specialist, Chris Riley from Massey University, assist us with x-rays and Fred Hoekstra, a hoof specialist from Ashburton, to complete the hoof trim” said Baukje Lenting, Wellington Zoo’s Senior Veterinarian.

“During yesterday’s procedure, x-rays showed evidence of mild arthritis and signs of an old injury that is healing. After consulting with Fred Hoekstra, the hoof specialist, Tisa’s hooves were trimmed and reshaped and will hopefully help alleviate the swelling around her feet and make her more comfortable.”

“Giraffes are difficult to anaesthetise due to their large size and physiology. They may have a risk of injury should they fall in certain ways during the induction of anaesthesia. Tisa weighs about a tonne and her large head needed to be supported throughout the procedure to ensure the muscles in her neck stayed relaxed,” said Baukje.

“We were thrilled to see Tisa back up on her feet after the anaesthetic was reversed. Due to her size, it’s a long way for her to get back up,” said Jo.

“We checked on her every four hours over night and we will continue to monitor Tisa over the next few days. We are optimistic that we will see noticeable improvement in her hoof and see her moving around more comfortably.”

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The Nest Te Kōhanga is Wellington Zoo’s animal hospital and centre for native wildlife veterinary care.

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