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Mayor welcomes freeze on bus fares; and “potentially student discounts”

News from Wellington City Council
The Greater Wellington Regional Council’s draft annual plan released yesterday proposes a further year’s freeze on bus fares, following three years where fares have not been raised.

Residents will welcome the proposal to freeze fares for another year and the promise of a comprehensive package of improvements and initiatives to come in the near future, says Mayor Justin Lester.

“We’ve got to do more to make it easy for people to get around our city. Tackling Wellington’s congestion requires getting more people onto public transport and making sure it remains affordable. The freeze on bus fares has been helpful,” he says.

“It’s also very encouraging to see GWRC is committed to a package of discounts for the 2018/19 fiscal year. The options being discussed for this package include a 25% discount on off-peak fares, introducing transfers without a cost penalty for people changing buses and potentially discounts for students as well.

“I’ve made it very clear that as a city we are keen to sit down with the regional council and work out ways in which Wellington City Council can contribute and help make Wellington a more student friendly city.”

The Council’s Public Transport, Walking and Cycling Portfolio Lead Sarah Free says that the working relationship between the WCC and the GWRC on public transport issues has never been better.

“We have a working group between our councils that is discussing ways forward on these issues and I’m encouraged with the results we are seeing. Wellingtonians have told us improved public transport is a top priority. It frees up space on our roads, reduces congestion, and is the only way some people can get around,” she says.

“We need the weekend and evening services, free transfers, off peak discounts and more reliable services the Regional Council has been planning for some time. However, until they can bring those things in, I am pleased that they are holding fares.

“I want to congratulate the Regional Council on their approach and I’m looking forward to working with them to make the improvements we all want for Wellington a reality.”


  1. laidbackchap, 3. March 2017, 15:58

    There was a fare freeze for years and years and then bang bang a 25% increase year on year. Someone always has to lose.

  2. luke, 4. March 2017, 3:13

    there should be free transfers between rail and bus too. what do they expect train commuters to do when they arrive at the northern end of the cbd.

  3. Ben, 4. March 2017, 10:18

    Yes, we need better public transport and less cars in the inner city, but we also need to be able to get out of the city quicker and this is where congestion also occurs. Victoria and Willis Streets in particular are constantly backed up, even outside of peak hours, because SH1 both ways across the city has priority. What a shame the idea in the 1990s to run these roads under the main arterial routes (Taranaki, Cuba, Victoria, and Willis Streets) never came to fruition. This would have made a huge difference for public and private transport coming in and out of the inner city suburbs..