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New tracking system to monitor the Pulse

Press Release – Netball Central
With a focus on optimising their performance levels, the Central Pulse have partnered with leading athlete monitoring system designers, VX Sport ahead of the ANZ Premiership netball season.

On the back of a rapidly expanding overseas client base, the recent release of an indoor tracking system by Wellington-based VX Sport has created the opportunity for the partnership. The Pulse will be one of the first teams internationally to use the system.

Along with 150 teams in 24 countries across a variety of sports, the Pulse will join a growing stable of VX Sport clients having their every move on the training track and playing court monitored.

The ability to measure and manage an athlete’s physical and psychological load has become increasingly important to competing at the elite level, the introduction of the monitoring systems adding a spring in the step of Pulse trainer and conditioner Adam Allen.

“The monitors will add clarity to what they’re actually doing,’’ he said. “The major benefits we will get out of using these tracking systems is a greater understanding of the training loads and match loads and making sure they’re actually related in the sense that we’re not over-training or under-training for matches.

“Making sure the athletes can actually meet the demands of the game is very important.’’

Athlete performance can fluctuate depending on intensity levels, the new VX System offering an insight and ability to build profiles and training plans that maximise performance.

Established in 2008, VX Sport designs athlete monitoring systems for amateur and professional athletes, teams and coaches. Their product includes both the hardware and software that athletes, trainers and coaches use to capture, analyse and plan the performance of individual players and the team overall via monitors worn at training and during games.

“We’re trying to measure work load in both training and play. Through knowing the load, we can manage the risk of injury and optimise how hard athletes are training, so they end up training like they’re playing,’’ Sports Performance Director at VX Sport, Jamie Tout said.

Having been the Pulse’s first strength and conditioning coach in 2008, Tout was keen to re-establish his links with the team after VX Sport was founded the same year, last year’s release of the indoor tracking system helping make the partnership a reality.

Showing its local loyalty, VX Sport has strong links in the Capital in its relationships with A League football team, the Wellington Phoenix and Hurricanes Super rugby team.

Over 40 percent of what VX Sport does now is centred on the US market.

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