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Sewage in harbour – warning not to use dive platform


News from Wellington Regional Council
There have been concerns about potential sewage contamination of the water around the Jump Platform on the Wellington Waterfront.

An investigation is underway and extra testing has shown a few high results.

Regional Public Health advise there is a potential risk of illness from swimming in the water at this site, and recommend waiting until the investigation is completed and test results have improved before using the platform again.

Some of the high bacterial levels will be due to rainfall and unfortunately the forecast is for more heavy rain this weekend. Remember the golden rule not to swim for 48 hours after heavy rain.

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  1. Mark Shanks, 13. March 2017, 10:13

    Can someone please explain the link between the stormwater and sewerage systems? I thought that they were completely separate piping systems and therefore why should heavy rain affect sewage contamination of the ocean?