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Rape culture: Wellington East students organising protest at Parliament

A group of students from Wellington East Girls’ College are organising a protest at Parliament at 4.30pm today. They say that recent events have highlighted, in secondary schools, the existence of rape culture and disrespectful attitudes towards women.

Sorcha Ashworth, Selome Teklezgi, Narjis Al-Zaidi and Mia Faiumu, who are organising the protest with support from many in schools across wellington, felt that these events were a tipping point that required action.

The protest will call for the compulsory teaching of consent and about the rights of women in all New Zealand secondary schools. The protest will feature a variety of speakers from different organisations.

Previous information stating that the event was a march from Parliament to Civic Square is now incorrect. The protest will take place entirely at Parliament.

Protest follows a week of “jokes” and threats from Wellington College students