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Eight arrested after Nelson police seize cannabis plants and firearms

News from NZ Police
Police have recovered approximately 900 cannabis plants during a two week operation in Nelson and Marlborough aimed aimed at reducing social harm in the community. About 30 staff took part.

In addition, Police seized:
Two illegal firearms, one of which was loaded with ammunition.
Methamphetamine and cannabis utensils.

Police executed 12 search warrants, six at residential addresses and a further six at rural locations. One indoor growing system was found. Separately, approximately 50 sites on public land were visited by Police.

Eight people were arrested and will be prosecuted, and one person received a warning.

On the West Coast, almost 1,300 cannabis plants were recovered. Ten firearms were recovered from a licensed firearms holder, and Police will examine whether the licence should be revoked. Approximately 50 sites on public land were visited, along with a dozen urban and rural addresses. At one public plot, more than 400 plants were recovered.

Seven people will be prosecuted from the West Coast searches. In addition, four people are yet to be spoken to. Separately, one person was given a warning.

“The supply of illicit drugs has a big impact on our community. People are committing dishonesty crimes such as burglary to fund their habit,” says Inspector Dan Mattison.

“Drugs ruin lives. We will ensure that anyone involved in drugs is referred to the appropriate agency for help.

“I also urge anybody that has a drug or alcohol addiction to contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797.”

The people being prosecuted by Police are in the process of being put before the courts.

All of the plants have been destroyed.


  1. Andre, 13. March 2017, 19:39

    Right. Let’s get the west coast in the same state as the far north, where methamphetamine is easier to get than cannabis. Let’s see what that does to burglary rates and “social harm”. The police need to admit that they are the cause of more, not less, social harm by enforcing these policies and continuing with a totally unregulated market where it’s impossible for people to get low the and high cbd cannabis. Far better to give people more access to P – then law enforcement officials have a job for life.

  2. Mark Shanks, 14. March 2017, 8:48

    @ Andre, yes you are so right. The same old drivel from the police justifying the enforcement of a problem that is created by the state. There was another important article published a few days ago https://nzpowerhouse.org/reform-proposals/drug-liberalisation
    There are hundreds of thoroughly researched and scientifically based papers advocating decriminalisation but I’ve given up on a rational decision on recreational use of pot ever being made by our politicians. And let’s ask Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Larry Ellison etc etc if their lives have been ruined by smoking marijuana.