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Hundreds of students demonstrate at Parliament against rape culture


Wellington.Scoop photos by Liana Pantaleo
Hundreds of school students demonstrated at Parliament today – in solidarity against statements about rape culture that had been published on social media by a group of male students.


The protest called for all New Zealand secondary schools to have compulsory teaching about consent and about the rights of women.


Four students from Wellington East Girls’ College were responsible for organising today’s demonstration, which follows a week of concern and debate since comments published on social media by students from Wellington College.



Students from Wellington College were among the demonstrators.


  1. Wendy, 13. March 2017, 19:43

    Well done to the Wellington Boys College students who showed their opposition towards sexual violence by turning up to the protest today.
    It must be very distressing for many Wellington College students who do not share the shocking attitude expressed by the boys in question.

  2. Sekhmet Bast Ra, 15. March 2017, 12:32

    Looks like a great turn out for the protest and Scoop is to be commended for providing media coverage. What is bizzare is there appears to have been no coverage of this protest in the online version of Dominion Post. This show of unity by students should have been major news in the mainstream media, but it appears they have chosen to ignore it…why?