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Inner city residents meeting on Tuesday to discuss earthquake issues

News from ICA
Following the Kaikoura quake in November, Wellington’s inner city ground to a halt, some parts taking longer to recover than others. It was clear that the city wasn’t perhaps as resilient as it should be.

After all this is not what happens in a resilient city. Such cities can cope with the stresses and strains put on them by such events. It was obvious that some lessons could be learnt.

Very early on, the government stepped in to grant the Wellington City Council extra emergency powers to help them to ensure the city remained safe and was able to respond effectively to any future quakes. To add to this, once the damaged buildings were assessed new regulations for facades and parapets were introduced.

Four months on Geraldine Murphy, Chair of the Inner City Association who represents residents, businesses and property owners says her organisation is keen to keep their members informed of how the various changes affect them. Community resilience she says is very much part of their strategic direction.

Teaming up with the Body Corporate Chairs’ Group they will be facilitating a public meeting next Tuesday (21st March), bringing together key people from the council, WREMO and GNS. This Ms Murphy says will give people an opportunity ask questions and find out how they can be better prepared.

Anyone interested can register at: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/kaikoura-quake-what-it-means-for-wellingtons-inner-city-tickets-32388913111

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