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Virtual programme to help women’s careers and lives

Press Release – Kate Taylor
Business mentor Kate Taylor is planning a Wellington launch for her virtual coaching programme: Killing It (A girl’s guide to kicking ass in her career and life).

This unique and personal programme has been specifically designed to help women equip themselves with the tools they need to achieve the goals THEY want to achieve.

“Yes there are life coaches, development retreats and about a gazillion articles on the internet… but try as I might I couldn’t find a cohesive programme that women could (literally) carry around in their handbag and apply to their everyday life… so I decided to fix that.” says Taylor.

Available from www.thatabstractcat.com and sporting a ninja motif, the programme arrives as a dual pack: a book (provided on a USB stick) and a workbook (available in hard copy only).

“Not every woman knows how to clearly define what it is they want… let alone how to go about getting it. So the best place to start is at the very beginning… what is it you want and what’s holding you back… then we really get to work honing your Ninja warrior skills,” explains Taylor.

The book is full of wisdom, humour and insights, drawn from Taylor’s years of experience in male-dominated business environments. Chapters include: ‘It’s all about me (and why shouldn’t it be?)’, ‘Perception is reality’, ‘The Complex art … of Simple Communication’, ‘How to be Heard’, and ‘New job… New you’.

“Most of the lessons in the programme are those I have learned the HARD WAY and because I preach that you must be BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself… I have included a lot of very honest stories from my own background,” explains Taylor. “Sugar coating the truth is banned here ladies!”

The exercises in the hard copy workbook are interspersed throughout each of the chapters – taking you on a very personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment as the framework unfolds.

“Writing things out by hand (especially exercises that require thought and honesty) makes the words ‘more real’ and therefore more valuable.” says Taylor.

On Wednesday 22 March, the programme will be officially launched in Wellington at 5pm – at the Waterfront Room of Mac’s Brewbar. Attendees will be the first to get their hands on the programme. Request an invite at www.thatabstractcat.com Limited tickets – first come, first served!

Alongside the launch, Taylor’s passion to help mentor women in business includes a $1,000 personal development monetary prize for one lucky ninja who purchases the programme before 31 March.

‘KILLING IT (A girl’s guide to KICKING ASS in her career and life)’ is priced at $165US , and can be upgraded to include an official DiSC personality test and one-on-one video consultations with Taylor herself.

Because Taylor’s a local girl at heart, there’s a special ANZAC discount. Those ordering from New Zealand or Australia benefit from paying the price in their local currency – $165 New Zealand or Aussie dollars.


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