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Chris Bishop campaigning for student fares; $30 a day is “big barrier”

News from National Party
National List MP based in Hutt South Chris Bishop has launched a petition calling on Greater Wellington Regional Council to support fairer fares for tertiary students.

“I’m backing the campaign for fairer fares because it will really help Hutt Valley tertiary students,” says Mr Bishop.

“Last month I presented the case for fairer fares to the Wellington Regional Council with a group of Victoria University students.

“As I told the councillors, a student travelling from Wainuiomata to the Kelburn campus can pay nearly $20 per day in public transport costs, and that’s after Snapper card discounts.

“The cost of travel is a big barrier between students and further education. We can do better,” says Mr Bishop.

At present Wellington is an outlier within New Zealand and internationally, with most comparable cities providing very cheap or heavily discounted public transport fares to tertiary students. Tertiary discounts in Auckland are around 38-40%, Dunedin’s discount is 25%, and Christchurch has a very low flat fare structure that makes it affordable for students.

“This is the right thing to do for our students, who, after all, contribute around $2bn to the regional economy,” says Mr Bishop.

People backing the campaign can sign up at www.fairerfares.co.nz. It will be passed on to the Greater Wellington Regional Council which is currently consulting on its annual plan and considering the issue of tertiary student fares.


  1. Morris Oxford, 20. March 2017, 17:50

    This is the way for the National Party to make its election pitch with younger voters, something which councillors don’t have to worry about for the time being.

  2. Mark Shanks, 21. March 2017, 9:28

    While you are at it, Chris, how about going for the real deal to please us all? A very low flat fare structure for Wellington would certainly help the taxpayers of the region who obviously contribute the most to the regional economy. Making it hard (stupid traffic delays on SMART motorways because of minor accidents or broken down vehicles) or expensive (currently 3x as expensive for me to bus vs car) to get to work not only makes me question my reasons for travelling to work, but also as the government wants me to work in order to continue to collect my tax then they need to reduce work compliance costs as an act of good faith. They probably think that reducing my income tax will be a way to do this. But this does not encourage me to use public transport and indeed only incentivises me to use my private vehicle more. No gst on fares would be a good place to begin.

  3. Don M, 21. March 2017, 22:02

    It’s all a bit rich really. The government of which Bishop is part is doing stuff all for students, so he wants to give them discounted transport by stiffing ratepayers. If it’s all so worthy why doesn’t he press his government to step up with some funds, rather than doing it at the expense of long suffering ratepayers. Not only is it cynical, it’s just not very clever.