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CofC wants earthquake measuring systems in city buildings

Press Release – Wellington Chamber Of Commerce
Installing earthquake-measuring devices in hundreds of commercial buildings in the city would go a long way to advancing safety and resilience in the event of a big earthquake, says Wellington Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive John Milford.

“The council’s early work on a system of devices looks promising and it would be great to see building owners and tenants getting behind it.

“Anything that can tell Civil Defence within minutes where the big problems are in the event of a quake, and which buildings will likely need evacuating first, must be welcomed and supported.

“Of course, cost would be a factor that determines how widespread and therefore how effective such a system would be.

“It certainly shouldn’t all land on ratepayers or building owners. If this progresses then I believe central government should become involved also. This is all about saving lives, and it could be used as a blueprint for other cities.”

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  1. Lola Ester, 21. April 2017, 12:21

    We have earthquake measuring devices already. The cost of this silly idea is prohibitive.
    Orderly evacuations happen after a big earthquake and should be done in ALL buildings not just some.