Aine O’Dwyer sings and plays in a Willis Street church

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Music for Church Cleaners
Tuesday 23 May – Wellington

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Irish multi-instrumentalist and singer Áine O’Dwyer tours Aotearoa’s churches and cathedrals, summoning minimalist, reverberant soundscapes from their organs along the way.

Sounding-out used and disused sacred spaces, O’Dwyer glides effortlessly between contemporary performance art and the folk traditions that form her musical heritage. In the years following the release of the acclaimed double album, Music for Church Cleaners vol. 1 & 2, the organ has become an integral site for O’Dwyer’s meditative and transcendental experimentation. Sometimes ornate, fragile, and at others formidable in its vigour, O’Dwyer’s improvisational minimalism has won praise in The Wire, The Quietus, BOMB Magazine,, FACT and Pop Matters.

“Like an invisible banshee haunting the pipes of the church’s organ, O‘Dwyer pummels us with gothic drama from her concealed lair above the altar, the crimson uplighting painting a scene straight from the mind of Dario Argento.”


“As with all improvised music, you come upon something and you follow it. Also, I was always interested in slowing down Irish music, allowing for the melody to become elongated. Because the melodies are beautiful, and they are in touch with something other than ourselves, in touch with the land, with nature.”

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