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“Incessant roar” from new expressway; unhappy residents want NZTA to curb noise

Press Release – Expressway Noise Action Group
A new community group has been formed by residents who are hurting from the noise of the new Kapiti expressway. :

“Residents who are in close proximity of the new Kapiti expressway are getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of action from NZTA to reduce the severe adverse impacts,” said spokesman Nick Fisher.

“Many people can no longer sleep through the night without being woken by the noise from trucks thundering through the district, some even using exhaust brakes on the downhill sections. We believe residents should be able to be outside and hear the birds and wind in the trees, without the incessant roar from the road.

“We are asking the NZTA to honour their advertising pre-Board of Inquiry, where they emphasised how concerned they were about reducing the adverse impacts of noise. Now we find many sections of road have no mitigation at all.”

Residents have complained to NZTA but have been fobbed off, said Nick.

“NZTA are hiding behind a totally inappropriate NZ standard for road noise, and need to consider real life situations.”

In some cases, the recommended mitigation was not incorporated in the design because NZTA thought ‘the measures would have been visually intrusive’. Residents were not consulted in these cases.

“Some sections of the road have bunds and sound walls; all we asking of the NZTA is to extend those measures to all affected sections of the road. A screened wall and planted earth bund is less visually intrusive than a convoy of Mack trucks,” Nick said

If you are adversely affected by the road and would like to encourage the NZTA to act, the group can be contacted at motorwaynoise@slingshot.co.nz

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  1. Neville Male, 1. May 2017, 21:36

    Good luck to this noise action group.We have exactly the same problem with the extremely busy SH1 deviation passing through Stoke in Nelson.
    The NZTA hide behind a noise criteria that requires 65 decibels to be “constant” before they will take action. This despite levels of up to 85 decibels for 10 hours per day which is not considered by NZTA to be constant. There have been trees planted and some wooden fencing erected but it has had virtually no effect on reducing noise. You must insist in your representations on the type of noise barriers used overseas if there is to be any real noise reduction.

  2. Diane, 2. May 2017, 19:06

    I don’t believe that buffers will bring back the peace we had before.
    How about sound proofing one bedroom in every house with 50db and over, this still won’t help when one wants to sit outside and count the stars or listen to the birds, but at least we will get a full night’s sleep, which will help us function better during the day.

  3. Maurice Richardson, 3. May 2017, 14:38

    Peak noise in excess of NZS 6806 (compliance) measurements are the cause of early morning waking up, and staying awake. The “average” levels published by the NZTA smooth out these excesses.
    15 minute slot measurements averaged for 24 hours, or even a whole 24 hours, will always meet the standard, as the offending vehicles are not constantly nose to tail, but often enough to cause stress in the home.
    We and others nearby are considering and actually ordering double-glazing for installation at considerable expense. (Reimbursement would be good but breath-holding could be fatal).
    The NZTA have NOT provided a noise abatement environment that was promised at the planning stage of the expressway. The excesses have to be dealt with, as well as consistent tire-howling from large vehicles.

  4. Val, 3. May 2017, 15:31

    Be careful with double glazing. On the website that we get fobbed off, it recommends triglazing which says to me that they are well aware that the noise level is unacceptable. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a Lawyer out there who would come onboard at no cost to fight for the little guy. We should be so lucky.

  5. Maurice, 3. May 2017, 16:02

    Re tri-glazing… wonder if the website is trying to sell more than is required ?
    Three years ago we installed double-glazing on the front of our house and we cannot hear any local road noise.
    As regards the expressway: we think proper bunding/abatement measures should be adequate.

  6. Diane, 4. May 2017, 7:09

    Any one noticed the high solid-looking fencing going up on the eastern side of the motorway just before Linden/Tawa, where they are doing work for Transmission Gully? Looks like steel and polystyrene to the untrained eye.


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