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Was state housing. Now: a car park


by Ian Apperley
A block of Housing NZ units used to stand on this site at 27 – 31 Strathmore Avenue – they were knocked down because of earthquake risk.

Housing NZ didn’t seem to know what they were going to do with the land.


However these days it seems to have been used by GoRentals who have a site on the corner of Broadway and Strathmore Avenue and have been the subject of complaints about how many road parks they are taking up.


So we have prime housing land, a housing crisis, no action for months, and now that land is being used as a carpark.

Which has a certain irony to it, given that people can’t get housing and are living in their cars just around the corner on the coast.


  1. Troy H, 3. May 2017, 15:57

    Clearly shows one of the causes of the public housing shortage. The govt is just using the yellow label “earthquake risk” in order to take or bulldoze buildings.

  2. luke, 3. May 2017, 19:19

    Storing cars is obviously deemed more important than housing people.

  3. Henry Filth, 8. May 2017, 15:08

    At only one person per car, this looks suspiciously like high density in-fill housing. I hope there’s an RMA application lodged with the council. . .