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“Tired and angry” Kapiti residents confront roadbuilders about expressway noise

News from Expressway Noise Action Grup
At a meeting last night hosted by the Expressway Alliance, over 50 angry and tired residents expressed their dissatisfaction at the lack of action on mitigating the noise from the Kapiti expressway,

The group was disappointed to realise that the NZTA have been so confident in their design that there has been no contingency planning to fast track remedial action.

The crowd made it clear to road building representatives that they could not accept a 2 year wait for action.

Expressway Noise Action Group spokesperson Nick Fisher said, “The current noise reduction measures are clearly inadequate, with truckies’ views of our bedrooms taking a higher priority than our amenity values. Even where there are walls of an adequate height, the bridges have mere 1.1m sides allowing noise to flood over a wide area.

“Residents trusted NZTA, with their glossy brochures and flash displays, to have the noise issues sorted; however we have been soundly let down. NZTA has relied on a discredited New Zealand standard for road noise, NZS 6806, which has caused issues with every recently built new road, rather than use a gold standard of maximum noise reduction measures, ensuring sustainable, livable communities.

“It is unbelievable that NZTA has not learned from past mistakes, and continues to rely on the NZS6806. This standard is essentially one of process not outcomes. We are not interested in numbers; we are not interested in averages; we are interested in getting a full night’s sleep, and being out in our gardens without the need for earmuffs.”

Alliance representatives explained to the meeting that they merely built the road to the specification required by NZTA, and that monitoring is showing compliance with the standards. Whether or not the standards are fit for purpose is an issue for the community to decide.

Another meeting has been scheduled for next month when the Alliance board will respond to the widespread concerns raised.


  1. Tim, 11. May 2017, 8:53

    Such a shame NZTA dont have the smarts to consider noise pollution in their design – in Japan they use diffusors, see this PDF for examples.

  2. Neville Male, 11. May 2017, 13:45

    We in Nelson have sympathy with Kapiti residents regarding highway noise pollution. The deviation to SH1 through Stoke in Nelson is causing huge road noise pollution to over 100 residents who live adjacent. This despite promises made at the time public hearings were held and Commissioner Ian Lawrence’s (former Deputy Mayor of Wellington) statement that all would be done to ensure road noise would be kept to a mimimum. Despite noise level exceeding 85 decibels for 6 hours every day as huge logging and heavy industry trucks use the road, NZTA have said unless the noise level is above 65 decibels ” constantly” ie 24hours per day ..then a noise pollution problem doesnt exist. That of course will never occur as you would have to be living in New York for that to happen! The Standard
    NZS6806 is a total cop out which NZTA is hiding behind. Good luck to those in Kapiti fighting this issue.