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Local promoters concerned at WREDA’s exclusive deal with Ticketmaster

Press Release – New Zealand Promoters Association
NZPA (formerly NEOA) representing promoters in New Zealand are dismayed that the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) have chosen Ticketmaster as exclusive ticketer to Venues Wellington, and without any consultation with the promoters as owners of the events held in their venues. The stadium in Wellington remains with Ticketek.

As two ticketing companies will be operating in Wellington, NZPA would like to have the choice to select one of those companies on a per show basis, as their preferred ticketer for any venue.

NZPA would like the ticket buying public to understand:

· That this exclusive contract takes away the right of the promoter to seek better pricing from a competitive ticket provider for the public
· That Ticketmaster is actively involved in the resale market in NZ.

Promoters have concerns that the exclusive ticketing arrangement entered into with Venues Wellington will seriously impact the ticket purchaser with increasing ticketing costs, which the promoter has no control over.

This includes the potential for all tickets to events at Venues Wellington venues to be targeted for resale through the Ticketmaster Resale site and others, to further confuse, inconvenience and take advantage of the public who purchase tickets to events at any of these venues.

The ticket resale market in New Zealand and worldwide is already under investigation because of the public outcry.

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  1. The City is Ours, 16. May 2017, 21:58

    This council has lots of ‘exclusive deals’ even the officers don’t know about.