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Where are we really moving? Public meeting to discuss concerns

A public meeting is to be held tonight to discuss concerns about the plans being indicated by the Let’s Get Wellington Moving process.

At a recent meeting of meeting of the Wellington Regional Council’s Sustainable Transport Committee, Let’s Get Wellington Moving Programme Director Barry Mein presented an update of the project. This followed a series of workshops in which Mein and his project team outlined a range of possible interventions in four key focus areas: better public transport, improving the state highway, active transport improvements and travel demand management.

FIT Wellington convener Michael Barnett attended one of these workshops and says:

“I came away with the feeling that LGWM, despite its good intentions, is just a smokescreen for a government and its transport agency NZTA intent on pushing on with their roads of national significance from the Kapiti Coast all the way to the airport. None of this sits comfortably with the 12 guiding principles and key survey findings of an earlier progress report.

“This report clearly states that Wellingtonians want: fewer roads and cars, public transport improvements, a more pedestrian-friendly city and protection of the natural environment.”

Michael is not the only one who shares these concerns. Tim Jones of the Save the Basin Campaign, Brent Efford of Trams-Action and others have expressed similar sentiments. After comparing notes, they concluded that it would be beneficial to meet with other interested groups and individuals to consider working together to call for more transparency in the LGWM process.

So a public meeting is to be held to ask: Where is Wellington Really Moving?
Thursday 25 May
6 00pm to 7 30pm
Mezzanine meeting room, Wellington Central Library

The issue:

The “Let’s Get Welly Moving” official process is supposed to deliver modern, sustainable transport options for Wellington. But it increasingly looks like a smokescreen for “four lanes to the planes”. This meeting will help us fight back against motorway madness and in favour of a livable capital city that puts people first

The meeting will be chaired by Dr.Roger Blakeley, Greater Wellington Councilor, former Chief Planning Officer Auckland Council and former Secretary for the Environment. A feature presentation on light rail developments in Australia will be given by international transport economist Dr. Neil Douglas, “LRT developments ‘over the ditch’ — lessons to be learnt for Wellington”

A motion based on the following statement will be presented for open discussion from the floor.


Promote a more livable Wellington city, to be achieved by reducing reliance on the private car.

We want high-capacity, high-quality, all-electric, mass public transport, and more safe cycling and walking infrastructure.

We support the objectives of the LGWM project1 in an open and transparent process.

​We consider LGWM’s suggested interventions are over-weighted towards state highway spending, heading towards a result likely to be incompatible with these objectives.

We see cities geared to public and active transport have less congestion than cities geared for private cars.


We therefore call on LGWM to stick to its objectives and put the emphasis squarely on public and active transport, and managing travel demand, not on building more roads.

All groups and individuals who have an interest in the future development of Wellington are welcome to attend and contribute to the discussion.


  1. The City is Ours, 21. May 2017, 14:44

    Wellington Residents Coalition organized a similar meeting in 2011 on transport issues in the City and nothing came of it. Good Luck

  2. Marion Leader, 25. May 2017, 12:26

    I’ll be there!

  3. M G Taylor, 29. May 2017, 22:18

    Just build the flyover and stop hyper-ventilating about progress. It is not just a Welly thing, it has to serve the interests of the wider community.