Transport issues: Justin Lester

We’ve been asking mayoral candidates to tell us their views about transport issues in the city. The questions were prepared by the Transporting Wellington blog. Here’s the second response, from Justin Lester.
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Transport issues: Nicola Young

We’ve been asking mayoral candidates to tell us their views about transport issues in the city. The questions were prepared by the Transporting Wellington blog. Here’s the first response, from Nicola Young.
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Betrayed and insulted over trolley buses

by Keith Tomlinson
I have been closely following the arguments about the demise of the trolley bus fleet, and feel betrayed and insulted by the Regional Council (with the exception of a couple of councillors) who seem to believe their own self-serving propaganda. Read more »

You’re invited to a forum with Wellington’s eight wannabe mayors

We’d like to invite you to a special one-off event, the Wellington Wannabe Mayors Forum, on Tuesday, September 13th. The doors – and the bar – will be open from 5.30pm for a 6pm start. Koha entry. Read more »

Election scorecard: week 5 – Johnny, Celia, Helene, Justin, Nick, and Monty Python

A week is an extraordinarily long time in politics. When we wrote last week’s scorecard, Celia Wade-Brown was still contesting the mayoralty, Helene Ritchie was still contesting the Northern Ward and the Labour Party faction-fight had yet to break out into the open. The landscape sure can change in only seven days. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the swings and roundabouts that is the Wellington mayoral campaign. Read more »

A billion dollar offer

by Keith Johnson
Sometimes when I’m wittering on to myself at my keyboard around midnight about the Wellington City Council Omnishambles, a still small voice cautions paranoia – arguing that things can’t be that bad. Perhaps, as my 12 year old son told his schoolmates in asking their parents to vote for me as Mayor in October, it’s just that ‘a tick would mean a lot to him’. Read more »

Losing a surf break: why surfers oppose the runway extension

airport surf

by Michael Gunson
Revelations have emerged that Wellington International Airport Ltd has been responsible for alterations to the Moa Point Road sea wall in Lyall Bay. Why has the airport been in charge of developing the sea wall, and not the Wellington City Council? Read more »

The runway extension – a defining and costly election issue

airport longer runway

by Michael Reddell
Thursday’s Dominion-Post featured a full page advertisement, notionally inviting people to make submissions on the resource consent application to extend the runway at Wellington Airport. The advertisement was mainly an opportunity to tout the case for the hugely-expensive proposed extension – in what must be one of the most expensive locations in the world in which one could add 300 metres to a runway and still not comfortably meet international safety guidelines. Read more »

The fall-out from the Wade-Brown withdrawal

Well, that sure took a few people by surprise. Celia Wade-Brown has taken the noble way out and announced she won’t be standing in the October mayoral election. Which may not be bad news if you’re not a fan of the Island Bay Cycleway (or own cats, perhaps), but will mark a sea-change in Wellington’s local body politics. So how will her decision affect the rest of the campaign? Read more »

Celia not standing for mayoralty – “ready to move on,” she says

News release from Celia Wade-Brown
Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown announced today that she will not be standing for election in the upcoming local body elections. Read more »

Building communities, not just houses

by Diane Calvert
Finally the conversation in Wellington seems to be changing from just a numbers game in building ‘widgets’ to building communities where people want to live. Read more »

Election scorecard: week 4

The phony war-of-press-releases is over, and the real mayoral campaign has begun. This week we’re reporting on the start of the door-to-door trench warfare, a peculiar outburst from council chief executive Kevin Lavery, and allegations about political agendas. And that’s without mentioning the cats. Read more »

Hidden agenda over cat bylaw

One of our wellington.scoop informers has given us the Wellington City Council’s own legal opinion on whether they have the powers to control cats. The short answer: maybe. But buried in the legalese is the bombshell of the council’s anti-cat crusade – they have been seeking advice about whether reserves can be set up as “kill zones” for unidentified moggies. Read more »

Rewriting history, and election-year spin

by Ian Apperley
Rewriting history is the advantage of those who hold power. It appears that we have some history books being edited around Wellington’s current Mayor and CEO. Read more »

Election scorecard: week 3

Wellington’s mayoral campaign moved up another notch last week, with a fifth councillor throwing his hat into the ring, allegations of Labour Party dirty politics, and a large helping of schadenfreude from a disaffected and departing council employee. It’s proving to be the most interesting campaign in recent memory. Read more »

Iona for deputy mayor?

A recent tweet alerted us to a possibility that had yet to occur to the wellington.scoop brains trust – that left-leaning Green councillor Iona Pannett might well be Wellington’s next deputy mayor, assuming incumbent Celia Wade-Brown gets re-elected. The logic seems curiously inescapable – and goes like this. Read more »

Runway extension: less than 3 weeks for submissions to Environment Court

extension 2

by Sea Rotmann
We have less than three weeks for submissions to the Environment Court opposing Wellington Airport’s proposed runway extension into Cook Strait. Read more »

Why students should get discounted fares

by Paul Bruce
Wellingtonians love our city. Now we are going to make it even better with one ticket for all services, smarter capped weekly and daily fares, and the youth 50% discount extending to tertiary students. Read more »