Using the rates to help pay for a privately-owned vanity project

by Helene Ritchie
Wellington’s proposed new convention centre is a vanity project to satisfy political egos. Read more »

“The best light” for a diplomat in court

Photographs of the Malaysian diplomat in court charged with assault were banned by a Justice of the Peace in Wellington on Saturday morning. But the ruling was pointless, as the man had already been photographed after his much-delayed return to New Zealand. Read more »

The Transport Agency gets chatty

The NZ Transport Agency has been sending some strange messages over Labour Weekend. Its Wellington twitter account seemed to have separated itself from the agency’s mission “to create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand.” Read more »

A rugby scrum of drunks

On the same day that the new Health Minister praised Wellington Hospital for processing patients more rapidly in its emergency department, a doctor from the same department said that rowdy late-night drunks are scaring patients away. Read more »

Police vs councillors

The feud between the police and Wellington city councillors was in its second day yesterday. Read more »

The Prime Minister was wrong


Ill informed and simplistic. That’s the response from the Architectural Centre which has identified incorrect statements about the Basin Reserve flyover decision that were made by the Prime Minister during an interview last Sunday on TVNZ’s Q+A. Read more »

No camping in Civic Square

civic square

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s strange to read that the city council is banning camping in Civic Square, because I’ve never seen a tourist’s tent or campervan on the hard brick paving of this under-used mid-city space. Read more »

Making up for a million dollar loss

embassy oct 2014

by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington City Council, after ten years, has decided to resume earning an income from the two billboards on top of the Embassy Theatre. Read more »

Stolen, strayed, or eaten?


by Lindsay Shelton
I didn’t know there were chickens in our Brooklyn neighbourhood till this sign appeared at the end of our street. Read more »

Communities, the council, and the appeal

The Transport Agency says it wants “certainty” from its appeal against the rejection of its Basin flyover plan. But community groups see things differently. For them it’s not just a legal issue. More importantly it’s the issue of a government organisation trying to impose its will on a city and its communities. Read more »

Troubling … harrowing … intimidation …

Last week’s ten-hour police search of Nicky Hager’s Wellington home, with the seizure of papers, phones and computers, has correctly been branded as intimidation, with troubling implications. Read more »

The flyover: whose side is the council on?

Wellington city councillors don’t seem to have had any involvement with the council’s decision that it will participate in the High Court appeal against the rejection of the Basin Reserve flyover. Read more »

Sorting out the chaos: time to stop ignoring the problems with public transport

by Kerry Wood
The Regional Council’s Public Transport Plan (PTP) does nothing to solve Wellington’s biggest transport problem: the cascading bus delays of Wellington’s golden mile. The proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) solution is little more than a name-change, with some extraordinarily bad route choices. Now, with the Basin flyover rejected, is the time for a much-needed change of direction. Read more »

Back to the (museum) future

dom museum

Confused? Te Papa is short of money, with a deficit reported as being $8m. Yet the government is investigating the idea of creating a second national museum in Wellington. Read more »

Unanimous, historic decision: more protection, special status for Town Belt

by Helene Ritchie
The Wellington City Council this week unanimously made an historic decision to advance the Wellington Town Belt Bill. This specific and focused Bill, intended to last 100 years (or so) when enacted by Parliament, gives higher protection to the Town Belt, guards its special status, and gives a far greater say to the public. Read more »

Protecting the Town Belt, or not

by David Lee
The latest draft of the Town Belt Bill will go before the Wellington City Council on Tuesday. Promoted as offering better protection for the Town Belt, in reality the Bill would change the Town Belt’s long-standing status and give more power to council officials. This would make it easier for them to facilitate development projects in the Town Belt, compromising its remaining open space. Read more »

Such a short tunnel

tunnel walkthru
Twitter photo by Sean Gillespie

by Lindsay Shelton
One thought was obvious as we walked through the new tunnel under Buckle Street this morning. It’s so short. If only it had been extended under Taranaki Street. And under Cuba Street. And under Victoria Street. And under Willis Street. Read more »

Translating the Transport Agency

We’ve all looked at some of the Transport Agency’s pronouncements over recent years and wondered what they really meant. Fear not, we’re here to save the day by translating their latest statement on the Basin Reserve flyover appeal – from High Bureaucratese into Plain English:
Read more »