Dunajtschik does the right thing

harcourts bldg

Harcourts Building owner and would-be demolisher Mark Dunajtschik is in the news again today, with an announcement that his Lambton Quay building will be “brought back to its former glory”. Read more »

A song to farewell Middle Earth

billy hobbit
Photo: Entertainment Weekly

A US publication has released the first music video of the song that will be played over the closing credits of the third and final film in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. Read more »

The dinosaur attitude of NZ Bus

by Ian Apperley
I have been holding off writing this, in the faint hope that someone would be able to convince New Zealand Bus in Wellington to adopt a position deserving of the 21st Century, as opposed to the monopolistic behaviour they appear to be displaying. Let’s face it, everyone has tried to get them to join the latest century, but they remain stubbornly stuck in the past. Read more »

Three into one

One day after praising his “stellar lineup” of WREDA board members, chairman Peter Biggs talked about choosing an inaugural chief executive – but not necessarily one of the three from the organisations which are to be merged into the new super body. Read more »

Lego gets it


How do we know we’ve reached a tipping point for protected bikelanes? When Lego gets it….But though Lego gets it, the Wellington City Council’s Victoria Street plans show that it still has some catching up to do. Read more »

Wellington at the crossroads

by Russell Tregonning
The Transport Agency predicts that major new motorway infrastructure for Wellington City (part of its roads of national significance) will have a lifetime of about 100 years. Read more »


by Lindsay Shelton
“We are experiencing significant production issues,” said a recorded message this morning when I rang the DomPost to ask why my Saturday paper hadn’t been delivered. Read more »

Wellington man’s murderer arrested (on video) in hostel in Rio de Janeiro


News from NZ Police
Convicted murderer Phillip Smith, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996 for stabbing a Wellington man to death, is now held in custody by Brazil Federal Police, as a result of inquiries followed by the Brazil authorities and local media. Read more »

Police focusing on Rio de Janeiro in search for murderer of Wellington man

smith at ak airport
CCTV image shows Phillip Smith departing from Auckland Airport last Thursday

News from NZ Police
The police investigation to find the escaped murderer Phillip Smith is now focused on Brazil. This is believed to be the last known destination of Smith, who flew from Auckland to Santiago in Chile where he was ticketed on to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Read more »

Hearts and minds at Te Papa

Did you know that Te Papa’s aim is to change hearts, change minds and even to change lives? Read more »

The two of us

dowse frontage

by Lindsay Shelton
The 11-year-old and I were the only two people in the Dowse Art Museum when we walked through the galleries on Friday afternoon. But across town at Westfield, it was a different story – thousands of people, wandering like zombies. Read more »

IMAGES: 20th year of Wellington’s Sky Show, watched by 100,000 people

fireworks 5
Photo: G V Tedin

Tonight’s Sky Show was the 20th anniversary of the event that’s described by deputy mayor Justin Lester as “the country’s most spectacular annual fireworks display. Read more »

Abandoned no more – a new life for a neglected 108-year-old building

Good news this morning that this abandoned century-old building on Karo Drive – designed by one of New Zealand’s most distinguished architects – is to be restored and re-used, as a new home for the Tuatara Brewery. Here’s its fascinating story, including how it was neglected for so long, which we first published back in October 2010. Read more »

Communications breakdown – the city council’s live feed fails to arrive

by Lindsay Shelton
Ninety minutes before tonight’s Wellington City Council meeting, the council emailed saying it would be live-streamed. But then something went wrong. Read more »

What’s the competition?

conventioncentre 2

Wellington city councillors, voting today on whether to commit money for a new convention centre, know that the capital is facing strong competition from similar new projects in Auckland and Christchurch. Read more »

How many convention centres do we need?

On Friday the Wellington City Council announced it had signed a deal for a convention centre in Shed 6 on the waterfront. Today councillors are being told why they should also support (and pay for) a convention centre in a new Hilton Hotel. How many convention centres do we need? Read more »

Making a difference at the Hackathon

by Ian Apperley
Thirty local Wellington technologists, experts, urban planners, transport enthusiasts, designers, application developers, mesh network builders, and sensor specialists have been giving up their weekend to make a difference at the Miramar Hackathon. Read more »

SCOOP IMAGES: the colours of Lorde

lorde blue
Photos: John Shaw

New Zealand’s unique international teenage singing star Lorde was given a wildly-enthusiastic welcome by a full house of over 5400 people in Wellington’s TSB Arena last night. Read more »