Trolley buses – why they should stay

Everyone loves cycleways. Councillors were 100% in support when they voted for this year’s expenditure, so the sudden burst of criticism is a surprise. Trolley buses, however, have never had 100% support. But they do have authoritative defenders. Whose arguments are being ignored by the Regional Council with its stubborn decision to scrap them in three years. Read more »

Grow up, Island Bay people

by Maximus
I’m not sure why people in Island Bay are so up in arms about their new cycleway. Read more »

Cycleway at risk?

by Patrick Morgan
The truce between Wellington city councillors is over. Despite voting 15-0 in favour of a bigger cycling budget, nine councillors are seeking to reverse decisions made by the Transport and Urban Development committee. Progress on safer cycling is at risk. Read more »

Challenging the flyover – for 18 weeks

Mainstream recognition of the immense efforts by local groups and local people opposing the Basin Flyover proposal came from an unexpected source on Saturday. Read more »

$100m? $300m? Ask the ratepayers

The ballpark cost is $60m to $100m to build a roof over the Westpac Stadium. It’s a plan that’s been rejected for years, and now it’s been dusted off for reconsideration. But the stadium can’t afford this sort of money – unless there’s a hefty contribution from Wellington ratepayers. Read more »

From $90m to $120m – and the perils of a three-lane tunnel

by Elaine Engman
The NZ Transport Agency has taken 14 days to respond to my question, but now I have their answer: the cost of the Buckle Street underpass and the memorial park has risen to approximately $120,000,000 instead of the original estimate of $90,000,000. Read more »

Looking after the city, or looking after cricketers?

It took only one vote to reverse the Wellington City Council’s long-term opposition to a flyover alongside the Basin Reserve. But the consequences of this vote (by Andy Foster) have been sadly evident at the board of inquiry.
Read more »

They said no, this time

Back in February, only four regional councillors voted against plans to increase public transport fares in Wellington. Read more »

An incident? An accident? Or a crash?

Twitter photo by Josh Galuzka

There was a train crash at Melling yesterday. But KiwiRail can’t bring itself to use this word. Read more »

Learning to say no

Wellington’s regional councillors were unexpectedly strong last week when they opposed Transport Agency plans for a new road through the Takapu Valley. They need to keep up the same strength this week when they have a chance to reconsider increases in bus fares. Read more »

Modernising the infrastructure to make the trolley buses pay

by Kerry Wood
The Wellington Regional Council has seen trolley buses as costly and outdated, and has even asked on the consultation form … how do you think the additional costs should be paid for? This question must be seen in the light of a series of errors and missed opportunities: Read more »

Does the Hilton need our money?

Are Wellington ratepayers to be asked to help finance a Hilton Hotel near Te Papa? There seem to be contradictory expectations. Read more »

Cheaper to drive: unfair plan to increase fares on city’s over-priced buses

by Nicola Young
Wellington’s bus fares are so over-priced that it’s cheaper to drive. So it’s hardly surprising that, despite a six percent population increase over the past five years, our use of public transport has increased by only one percent. The past 10 years have been a lost decade for Wellington’s buses. Read more »

Pedestrians and the flyover

by Ellen Blake
Pedestrians are the transport system users who spend the most time travelling through the Basin Reserve… The transport effects and impact of the Basin Flyover project will be most keenly felt by pedestrians. Living Streets opposes the proposal in its entirety. Read more »

Planning blight? Higher density housing proposed for six more suburbs

by Peter Sullivan
The city council’s transport and urban design committee, chaired by Cr Andy Foster, will tomorrow receive a review by policy and planning officials on the “success” of the introduction of a new residential housing phenomena which they erroneously call Medium Density Residential Area, or MDRA. Read more »

Finding ways for saving and strengthening


Surprising and encouraging news this morning that developer Mark Dunajtschik may have found a way to persuade himself that he can save the Harcourts Building on Lambton Quay. Read more »

More than five years’ opposition to a flyover at the Basin Reserve

by Lindsay Shelton
Since Wellington.Scoop was established five and a half years ago, we have published more than 250 reports and articles about plans for a flyover alongside the Basin Reserve, and the substantial community concerns about these plans. Read more »

An attempted takeover of the town belt

by David Lee
Wellington City Council officials have had a Bill drafted which, if passed into law, would radically change the protection and status of Wellington’s Town Belt. Read more »