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Failing to get engaged

by Ian Apperley
When the Wellington City Councillor who is responsible for Community Planning and Engagement is calling her own Council out on a lack of transparency, then we know that there must be issues around how the WCC is engaging with its employers, us, the residents, and it’s simply not good enough. Read more »

Celebrating the new all-diesel era

by Lindsay Shelton
Barbara Donaldson ought to be ashamed of her suggestion that Wellington people should be celebrating the Regional Council’s decision to fill city streets with diesel buses for the next eight months. Read more »

Secret decisions about another new building on the waterfront

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by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington City Council will today be making decisions in secret about whether to allow another new building on public land on the waterfront. It’s a building for which no use has been announced, and which threatens (as the illustration shows) to contribute to a new wall between the city and the harbour. Read more »

Why the rush to an all-diesel bus fleet?


The Regional Council will be asked on Tuesday to delay its decision to pull all Wellington’s trolley buses off the roads. It’s a last-ditch effort – Tuesday is also the date set by the council to end all trolley bus services. Read more »

The joy of singing

The Kapiti Chorale conducted by Music Director Eric Sidoti, with soprano Imogen Thirlwall, mezzo Elizabeth Harris and bass Joseph Hadlow.

by Norma McCallum
Come on – you know you do it. Why not take your singing in the shower to the public and join a choir? With over 30 choirs in the Wellington region and over 20,000 choristers in New Zealand, there must be a place for you somewhere. Read more »

Do they know where they are?


H&M’s media release yesterday was headlined that it had “opened its doors to New Zealand’s capital city.” Read more »

Not “whether” but “how” for light rail

by Brent Efford
Well, I was wrong in my expectation that Winston Peters would anoint the old status quo. As details of policy agreements and ministerial posts emerge, it is apparent that there is a lot of commonality between the Labour, Green and NZ First positions on many issues. None more so than rail transport, with regional freight rail, passenger rail and light rail all featuring. Read more »

How to keep the trolley buses running

by Mike Flinn
The election has resulted in a Government which has a greater awareness of road transport’s role in reducing greenhouse gases and which says it wants change at a rate that will contribute to the target agreed in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Read more »

After the election: time to keep the trolley buses, and start planning for light rail

by Lindsay Shelton
The Regional Council has stubbornly ignored public support for the city’s trolley buses. But today it should be expected to start an urgent reconsideration of its unpopular policies, given that two of the partners in the new coalition government are on record as saying the trolley buses should be retained. Read more »

Knitted together by earthquakes


by Stephen Olsen
A collective of artists known as Shared Lines have been making a splash in Wellington this week. Read more »