Surprised and aghast – but where’s Plan B for the Basin?

by Mike Mellor
From media reports there’s a sense that the Regional Council is surprised and aghast at the Board of Inquiry decision to reject the Basin flyover. The council should have had a “Plan B” at the ready as a normal management precaution for a work of this scale. Read more »

What went wrong? CBD speed limits stay the same for a second time

In a marathon session last night, the Wellington City Council voted down the proposal to reduce the speed limit on selected CBD streets to 30km/hr. It was a defeat for Transport portfolio leader Andy Foster. Read more »

Cycleways versus car parks

by Maximus
Cyclists are, at all times, at danger of getting hurt, maimed and killed by clashes with motored vehicles unless they are in completely separated bicycle lanes. You might think therefore, that given the chance, any sane resident in Wellington would leap at the chance of a network of cycle routes being planned through Wellington. Read more »

Measuring the flyover hysteria index

Since the Board of Inquiry declined the Basin Reserve flyover, the usual suspects have claimed that all manner of calamities would befall the city. We’ve seen forecasts of everything from collapsing investment to cancelled projects and 7,000 less homes. So to bring some order to the chaos we’ve assembled all the prognostications into a helpful guide … the wellington.scoop Hysteria Index™. Read more »

Don’t stop the cycleway

by Regan Dooley
At its meeting on Wednesday, the Wellington City Council will vote on a motion lodged by Councillors Nicola Young and Paul Eagle that could delay the development of the Island Bay Cycle Way (Section 1 of the full route to the city) indefinitely. Read more »

Pioneering at Pigfish and Hannah’s


by Lindsay Shelton
A restaurant which didn’t exist a week ago, and which will be gone at the end of next week, has been attracting full houses every night to a new space at the back of Prefab in Jessie Street. It’s Pigfish, created by Rachel Taulelei and Martin Bosley with Rob Wilkinson of Prefab – which has come from nowhere to achieve enviable success. Read more »

Why community consultation is needed, not melodrama, after flyover rejection

by Christine McCarthy
The Architectural Centre, one of a number of groups opposing the Basin flyover, urges the region’s mayors and the Transport Agency not to shut the community out of discussions on possible future options for the Basin Reserve and other future Wellington transport projects. Read more »

Scaremongering – the vanishing houses

Friday’s Dominion Post was breathless with the claim that the lack of a Basin Reserve flyover will somehow cause “at least two years’ delays” to essential Wellington transport projects. This wasn’t just restricted to roading – it would, reported the newspaper guilelessly, also cast into doubt the future of 7,000 new homes. Read more »

Concrete wastelands on the waterfront

Two city councillors showed confused thinking during yesterday’s debate that approved another new building for the waterfront. Read more »

$10million in exchange for demolition?

Wealthy developer Mark Dunatschik has offered to pay $5m to help strengthen St Gerard’s, and another $5m to help strengthen St Mary of the Angel’s. But there’s a condition. He’ll write the cheques only if he’s allowed to demolish the heritage Harcourts Building in Lambton Quay. Read more »

Five myths about the Island Bay cycleway

by Regan Dooley
One of the biggest issues in the debate about the proposed Island Bay Cycle Way (Section 1 of the full cycle route to the city, from Shorland Park to Wakefield Park) has been a lack of understanding about the real pros and cons of the cycleway. Here’s an analysis of five of the most common myths. Read more »

“This building should not be there at all”

kumutoto - aug 2014
Willis Bond

by Mary Munro
Waterfront Watch notes with interest the re-designed building planned for Site 10 on North Kumutoto. The main concern of Waterfront Watch, and most of those who submitted to the city council in opposition, is that this building should not be there at all. Read more »

More buses or less buses? A problem with truthiness at the regional council

Nicky Hager isn’t the only one uncovering dodgy dealings through email – we’ve recently come into possession of a couple of documents that seem to indicate the Greater Wellington Regional Council might have a problem with truthiness. Read more »

Peter Jackson leading ‘innovative’ design of WW1 museum in old museum building

peter and john

News from NZ Government
Wellington’s old Dominion Museum Building is to be be home to a temporary First World War commemorative museum exhibition, developed by Sir Peter Jackson, from April 2015 and through the duration of the centenary period. Read more »

Dirty Politics: Nicky Hager’s new book on the Key Government launched at Unity

nicky hager
Nicky Hager at the book launch. Twitter photo by Adam Bennett

News from Craig Potton Publishing
Nicky Hager’s new book was launched tonight at Unity Books in downtown Wellington. The book is not about the Snowden documents; Mr Hager said publicly months ago that he was not writing a book on that subject. Read more »

Trapped in the convention centre

The shiny new council-supported convention centre is designed to bring lots more people into Wellington, apparently helping to add vibrancy and turnover to the local economy. So far, so good – it’s the business plan of every convention centre in the Western world, even if it turns out that many of the benefits can be extensively over-sold by their promoters. Read more »

The council states its reasons for supporting the convention centre

convention centre
There are four more days for Wellingtonians to tell the city council what they think about the plan for the council to support the creation of a new convention centre opposite Te Papa. Read more »

The reasons why the convention centre plans must be improved

conventioncentre 2
Wellington architectural critic Maximus is calling for improvements to the plan for a Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre opposite Te Papa. Read more »