Keeping the buses on time

by Kerry Wood
The Regional Council recently claimed that its buses run 99.9% on time, but only 99.7% run at all. There was nothing to define ‘on-time’, but it seems to be starting, or maybe completing, a run within ten minutes of scheduled time (or both?). The figures suggest that ‘on-time’ includes ‘early’. Read more »

A delay that hasn’t been announced

by Lindsay Shelton
It was strange yesterday to read opinions from the Chamber of Commerce about a Let’s Get Welly Moving decision that hasn’t been announced. Read more »

The wonderful interior of the Basin Reserve’s Museum Stand


by David Batchelor
Built in 1924, the Museum Stand is a staple of the Basin Reserve’s cricket heritage. However, the Wellington City Council’s plan to redevelop the Basin has the demolition ball looming over its future. Read more »

Saving Joe’s Place as well as St Gerard’s


by Marian Evans
St Gerard’s Monastery, high on the hill above Wellington’s Oriental Bay, is yellow-stickered: the Wellington City Council has assessed it as earthquake-prone. Its owners, the Institute for World Evangelisation – International Catholic Programme of Evangelisation, have fifteen years to strengthen or demolish it. Read more »

It’s called the Peka Peka expressway – but it doesn’t take you to Peka Peka

by Lindsay Shelton
I thought I’d drive to Peka Peka a few days ago. So I confidently headed north on the new Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway. Bad mistake. The expressway doesn’t stop at Peka Peka. Read more »

The runway extension and the drop in international travellers

by Dr. Sea Rotmann
Wellington Airport have released their full-year results, reporting a drop in international passengers by nearly 9,000 people. Read more »

The Ombudsman, the council, and transparency

by Ian Apperley
A long running issue with the Wellington City Council’s lack of transparency has been highlighted this week by two rulings from the Ombudsman. Read more »

The annual plan, with missing projects

by Ian Apperley
The Wellington City Council’s annual plan is out for public consultation. Putting aside the usual marketing and rhetoric, it makes for interesting reading. On face value, it appears that some large projects have been effectively parked for the next fiscal year. Read more »

Is this the end for WREDA?

by Ian Apperley
Dark days indeed for Wellington’s Regional Economic Development Agency. The trouble started a few months back with the Wellington City Council calling into question the results from the agency, and has escalated in the past two weeks with business asking questions of the organisation. Read more »

Access for everyone?


by Lindsay Shelton
I’ve been talking with a Wellington couple who argue, convincingly, that city council facilities should be kept available for all citizens, without preference being given to a few. Their personal experience backs up their concern. Read more »

Seeking more (uncontaminated) water

by Jim Mikoz
There are two major issues to be dealt with if drilling for freshwater succeeds in finding a new aquifer under Wellington Harbour. Read more »

At last, a Music Centre partnership

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s been a long time coming, but at last Victoria University has committed to join a partnership (with the City Council and the NZSO) for a Music Centre to be based in and around the Town Hall. Read more »

Considering light rail more seriously


by Brent Efford
When we met the Let’s Get Wellington Moving team last week, we found that not much serious consideration had been given to light rail, and there was little awareness of the ‘Wellington paradox’ – a city with some of the best preconditions for developing light rail in the world having a rail transit network which fails to achieve even the normal first function of intra-urban rail: penetrating the CBD. Read more »

Mixed electrical messages

Electric buses next year? There was nothing about this in either of last week’s announcements about changes to bus contracts. But we did get this message in two comments sent to Wellington.Scoop from Regional Council chair Chris Laidlaw. Read more »

NZ Bus loses bus routes, Tranzit bringing new-technology diesel


How did it happen? NZ Bus, which currently runs 73 per cent of Wellington bus services, is being cut back to running only 28 per cent from the middle of next year. At that time local bus travel will be dominated by Tranzit buses which will be increasing their share of the market from 1% to 60%. Read more »

Inevitable? Scrapping the trolley buses


A change that Chris Laidlaw said was “inevitable” has been postponed. It’s the decision to scrap all Wellington’s trolley buses, which has now been delayed for six months. Read more »

Was state housing. Now: a car park


by Ian Apperley
A block of Housing NZ units used to stand on this site at 27 – 31 Strathmore Avenue – they were knocked down because of earthquake risk. Read more »

Pronouncing history


Wiremu (Wi) Te Kakakura Parata, elected as MP for Western Maori in 1871; his land was the early commercial centre of Waikanae.

by Lindsay Shelton
A working party of iwi representatives and a local historian have come up with a great idea – using the names of five people from the 19th century history of the Kapiti Coast for new street names which are needed because of changes caused by the new expressway. Read more »