The runway extension and the ratepayers

by Ian Apperley
In an opinion piece today, city councillor David Lee points out dangerous thinking about the costs of the airport runway extension. In particular, that ratepayers are likely to pick up the lion’s share of the costs despite being a minor shareholder. Read more »

Celia will “probably” stand again, and she’s willing to help the Phoenix

bridge celia
Celia Wade-Brown officially opening Johnsonville’s new Broderick Road Bridge today.

News from The Nation
Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said today she will “probably” stand for re-election in Wellington. She was being questioned on TV3’s The Nation, with the mayors of Auckland and Christchurch. Read more »

Robbie’s show brings two hours of cheering and singing at the Basin

concert robbie 1
Photo: Celia Wade-Brown

More than twelve thousand Robbie Williams fans stood and sang and danced in the Basin Reserve tonight for a spectacular two-hour show by their hero. Read more »

Not needed or wanted

chris billboard
Chris Hipkins – Facebook

You’d expect that no one would disagree with MP Chris Hipkins when he says this billboard near Taita disgusts him, and “we don’t need an American-style gun culture here.” Read more »

Not perverse, not illogical, and not unfair – the council does the right thing

by Lindsay Shelton
So much anger about paying security guards more than $14 an hour. The anger is coming from the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, which till recently was calling itself the Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce but has now removed “employers” from its name. Read more »

The big jump

jump 1

Scoop photos by John Shaw
A famous tradition at Wellington Girls’ College was bravely repeated today on the waterfront. Read more »

Curious incident of missing cycle route

by Alastair Smith
Detective: “is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”
Sherlock Holmes: “To the curious incident of the cycleway from Berhampore to the CBD”
Detective: “There is no cycleway from Berhampore to the CBD”
Sherlock Holmes: “That is the curious incident”

Read more »

Highs and lows of city council salaries

Author Max Rashbrooke reminds Wellington city councillors today that while they may legitimately oppose the Living Wage because of their own personal values, they cannot claim that there is no money to pay for it. Read more »

Nicky Hager to seek disclosure from Westpac about breach of privacy

Statement from Felix Geiringer on behalf of Nicky Hager
Several people, including news media, have been seeking comment from Nicky Hager and his legal team about the revelation on the weekend that Westpac Bank gave the Police his private banking information (including over 10 months of his banking transactions from all of his accounts). Read more »

Scoop’s scoop, the police raid, and investigative journalism

Scoop has lived up to its name this weekend by releasing documents from the High Court’s hearing of a challenge to the legality of last year’s police raid on the Wellington home of investigative journalist Nicky Hager. Read more »

Five times more value than tourism – the growth of our digital sector

One day after Justin Lester defended the city council’s plan to spend $90million as part-payment for extending the airport runway, a business survey gave a timely comparison of tourism’s value to Wellington – it shows that our digital sector is worth five times as much. Read more »

A cheer for back to the future day

by Jackie Little
I had a blast (from the past) attending the Wellington screening of Back to the Future II at Reading Cinemas last night. Read more »

They’ve saved the orb – time to save the (magnificent) Town Hall too


by Lindsay Shelton
There was an impassioned plea from David Gascoigne this week to bring back the Neil Dawson sculpture that used to hang above Civic Square. His article brought a quick promise from Justin Lester that the orb will return. After such a prompt and positive response, I’d like to recruit them both for a much more important campaign – to bring back the Wellington Town Hall. Read more »

Blame the parents?

by Lindsay Shelton
Do you blame the parents for the drunkenness at a ball organised by Wellington College students on Saturday night? Read more »

From Lyall Bay to national treasure: Fat Freddy’s Drop releases new album

by Howard Davis
Wellington’s self-styled “seven-headed soul monster,” Fat Freddy’s Drop have come a long way from their humble origins in the 90s as a group of local lads jamming together. They now regularly play sold-out shows across Europe and hold a place in the hearts of their home fan base similar to that of Los Lobos in LA. Read more »

How many people do you need to fix the Basin roads?

by Lindsay Shelton
How many people are needed to change the roads around the Basin Reserve? I haven’t done a head count. But I have been able to count the number of committees (for lack of a better word) … there seem to be ten of them, but I’ve probably overlooked some. Read more »

Endless traffic, and how to change it

by Paul Bruce
A recent article on the concerns underpinning European Mobility Week is particularly relevant for the Wellington region when it says “…the majority of our public spaces have been transformed into endless flows of traffic, to better accommodate our dependence on this form of transport….” Read more »

Rising sea levels and the runway extension

airport narrow
National Library

by Richard Randerson
News that Wellington Airport will shortly release a business case on the proposed airport runway extension is to be welcomed as a step to greater transparency. But how much transparency will it deliver? The tired mantra of ‘300 metres for $300 million’ has been around for a long time now, while plans have shifted and costs have doubtless risen. Read more »