Don’t pay the airport, say ratepayers

The Wellington City Council’s website shows substantial opposition to the council’s plan to give $90million to the Wellington Airport company to help pay for a longer runway. Two days after Mayor Wade-Brown gave her support in principle for making the payment, the website shows 58 per cent opposition to such a gift. Read more »

We’ll pay the airport, say the mayors

Can it be true? Celia and Ray and Wayne and Nick and the other regional mayors have agreed that they’ll pay “up to” half the cost of extending the runway at Wellington Airport. Read more »

Waterfront deals and names

There is a strangely familiar report in the DomPost this morning, about a waterfront sponsorship deal with the TSB Bank. But the deal isn’t a new one – it was announced five months ago. Read more »

Unrealistic targets, and deep concerns, about city’s special housing plans

by Andy Foster
Special Housing Areas (SHAs) have been in the news as the Wellington City Council considers 13 areas as potential SHAs. I have no doubt there will be more coverage. There deserves to be. Read more »

How much? Who’s paying? Unanswered questions about a longer runway

by Dr Sea Rotmann
We are a group of concerned Wellington residents who formed the Guardians of the Bays in 2013 to counteract the seemingly gung-ho approach of the Wellington City Council and Wellington International Airport Limited regarding the long-touted extension of the airport runway – either to the north into Evens Bay, or, more likely, to the south into Moa Point/Lyall Bay. Read more »

Is Wellington for sale? Five council organisations into one private company

by Ian Apperley
It is my opinion that Kevin Lavery and some of the city council leadership team have an agenda for privatising and commercialising city assets that they are determined to push in an opaque and autocratic way. Read more »

Harbour dredging: why CentrePort’s dumping sites are in the wrong places

deeper harbour
by Jim Mikoz
CentrePort is planning to deepen two sections of the Wellington shipping channel to accommodate bigger ships. But it needs to shift its proposed sites for dumping waste from the dredging. The proposed dumping sites are in the wrong places, and would threaten fish resources in the harbour and on the south coast. Read more »

Mayors and motorways

If you drive north past Mackays Crossing on SH1, you get a reminder of the current roadbuilding overkill – you see that a four lane motorway is being built alongside the existing four-lane motorway. Read more »

Andy Foster: CEOs’ reasons for Takapu Valley road “unconvincing, undesirable”

by Andy Foster
There is clearly a very high level of interest in the planned Petone – Grenada (P2G) road, and particularly the Transport Agency’s proposal to augment roading capacity north of P2G’s junction with State Highway One. Read more »

Is it a land grab?

land grab

The battle to stop a highway being built through the pristine Takapu Valley has been growing this week since a meeting of the regional transport committee (where most of the members are mayors.) Read more »

What’s happening at the hospital?

What’s happening at Wellington Hospital? When senior medical specialists warn that a health board decision is compromising patient safety, it’s time to pay attention. Read more »

Why the land transport plan will fail

by Russell Tregonning for OraTaiao: the NZ Climate and Health Council
Our Council commends the regional council for aiming to produce “a transport system that is resilient, reliable and easy to use”. But we believe that the regional land transport plan, with its almost exclusive emphasis on new roading projects favouring private vehicles, downgrades public and active transport modes, and so will not achieve this aim. Read more »

Walking and cycling – the need for more ambitious goals and more spending

by Ralph Chapman, Kate Whitwell and Nadine Dodge on behalf of the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities
The type and quality of urban transport networks within an urban area have a large impact on quality of life for residents. For regions such as Wellington, looking to support future sustainable development of the region and a transformation to a low-carbon economy, a critical element is planning to support public transport, walking and cycling networks. Read more »

Building a road and saving 30 seconds

One of the most extraordinary things about plans to bulldoze a road through the pristine Takapu Valley is the claim about how much time will be saved. They’re counting the savings in seconds. Read more »

Pushing the wrong road. Faults and fallacies in the Takapu Valley plan

by T. Duran
The recommendation from Wellington Region Chief Executives to build a road through Takapu Valley shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, despite promising an open working group to discuss roading requirements in the region, the Transport Agency proved false and opted for closed-door meetings where it could spoon-feed its preferred option to the chief executives without having to worry about anyone challenging their BS. Read more »

Telling them what we want

Public participation, an often-ignored part of local politics, gets under way next week, on two fronts. There are to be public hearings not only on the supercity proposal but also on the regional transport plan. Both controversial, and both facing substantial public criticism. Read more »

Reckless, ridiculous, unrealistic – a red flag warning about long-term spending plan

by Helene Ritchie
I am raising a red flag warning to the mayor and councillors over the proposed
reckless spending of rates over the next ten years in the Wellington City Council’s Long Term Plan which is about to be approved on Thursday to go out for public consultation. Read more »

Problem solved

civic 1

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s taken the Cricket World Cup to show Wellington how to solve the problem of the under-used emptiness of Civic Square. Read more »