Celia, Justin, Nicola, and now Jo

One day before Justin Lester launches his campaign for the mayoralty, Jo Coughlan has announced that she’s decided to enter the popularity contest as well. That makes four candidates so far, and more expected. Read more »

Neglecting (real) history


by Lindsay Shelton
With all the millions of dollars that’s been spent on First World War commemorations – replicas, models, re-creations, memorials, parades, light shows, landscaping, and so on – it’s appalling that no money has been allocated to ensure the survival of a real piece of our wartime history. Read more »

Fixing Basin traffic – not a problem?

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s inexplicable that the Transport Agency and its Wellington governance group haven’t been in contact with road designer Richard Reid since December. Reid’s plan to solve traffic issues at the Basin Reserve was given credibility by the flyover board of inquiry. It should be part of the process to fix things around the Basin. Read more »

Fixing Basin traffic – launch of new strategy

by Tim Jones
Nothing much has happened on the Basin Reserve traffic planning front since Christmas – but that’s about to change. Read more »

Road builders apologise, as delays continue

The Transport Agency was opening some lanes and closing others on SH1 over Easter weekend, claiming that both contradictory tactics would improve things for drivers. At the same time it was apologising for delays that have meant the trip from Wellington to Otaki has been taking two hours instead of one. Read more »

Corporate welfare = runway extension

by David Lee
The proponents of the Wellington Airport runway extension are doing their best to give the impression the proposal is all about boosting the capital’s economic growth. Read more »

The last governor-general?

by Peter Dunne
Congratulations to Dame Patsy Reddy on her appointment as New Zealand’s next Governor-General. She is another outstanding selection in that now long line of impressive New Zealanders to hold the office, and I have no doubt she will do a superb job and quickly earn the respect of New Zealanders. Read more »

Not a pushover for the movie museum

by Lindsay Shelton
It may be news for Hollywood to hear that Wellington is “the film capital of the world.” But as this description comes from our Chamber of Commerce, the bosses of the world’s biggest cinema businesses will probably understand such boosterism. After all, even Hollywood has its own chamber of commerce. Read more »

Strathmore Park blog consigned to internet history, after 5 years

by Ian Apperley
After five years, several hundred blogs, and around one million words, the Strathmore Park Blog has been consigned to history. Read more »

Why trolley buses are more cost effective than battery buses

by Paul Bruce
“European cities are steadily converting back to trolleybus public transport“ was the message from Gunter Mackinger at a recent public meeting in Wellington. “Complete public transport systems cannot easily convert to fully battery-operated systems, and there is a significant problem with battery life and consequential waste disposal.” Read more »

Open letter to James Cameron from Maoriland Film Festival

Open letter to James Cameron, producer-director of Titanic and Avatar
Tēnā koe James,

In some quarters you are described as a hero for the environment and for indigenous peoples, especially those of the Amazon, whom you have publicly supported in their efforts to save their lands, culture and language. You were a vocal supporter of the recent Māori language action film The Dead Lands. Read more »

Fixing Basin traffic – the next act

by Tim Jones
It’s been a quiet first few months of 2016, at least in the public eye, as far as post-Basin Reserve flyover transport planning for central Wellington goes. But a burst of articles, presentations and comments signal that this intermission is almost at an end. Read more »

Fixing Basin traffic – not a problem

by Lindsay Shelton
It was surprising to read this week that Andy Foster believes there is no solution in sight to congestion problems at the Basin Reserve. Read more »

Medium density residential areas – an ‘all or nothing’ vote

by Peter Sullivan
Controversially, the Wellington City Council will vote on Wednesday on excluding three most suitable suburbs from MDRA zoning from this year’s District Plan Change – the three suburbs also “happen to be” the wealthiest suburbs, and that’s no coincidence. Read more »

Why the urban development agency is a monster risk, for private profit

by Helene Ritchie
The urban development agency proposed by the Wellington City Council will be a monster risk and gamble, for private developer gain. Read more »

Free speech and tolerance, or intimidation, in Island Bay

by David Lee
My views on the Island Bay cycleway are known, and I have been consistent all along. I acknowledge that a proportion of the Island Bay community passionately oppose what has been built, and believe they have been failed by the Council. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this. Read more »

Cycleway councillors booed; sports ground expenditure challenged

What’s going on? Pro-cycleway councillors being booed at a meeting in Island Bay. Other councillors challenging an 8-6 decision to spend $500,000 building a training ground for the Wellington Phoenix. Read more »

We need to talk about Porirua

by Nicola Young
Should Porirua merge with Wellington? Looking back over the last century, it’s extraordinary that Porirua is a city at all, because it’s really always been a suburb of Wellington. Read more »