Hardly an abomination


by Lindsay Shelton
While most of us have been admiring the new look in Bond Street, one of our elected councillors is claiming that it’s an abomination. Read more »

New group championing light rail in CBD, opposing “over emphasis” on roads

A new force has emerged in the public debate about transport and traffic in Wellington. It’s a citizens’ group named FIT Wellington, and it will be telling the regional transport committee that there should be eight substantial changes to the Regional Land Transport Plan. Here’s the new group’s submission, in full: Read more »

Project Odyssey: a council response

by Ian Apperley
First of all, a bouquet to the Wellington City Council for acting quickly on the questions and official information requests surrounding their Project Odyssey IT project. Secondly, brickbats for not answering all the questions I posed and not actually fulfilling the information request completely, in my opinion. But it’s Thursday and the Seven’s chaos is descending. Read more »

Overloading the rapid transit buses – potential foul-ups could cost $300m

by Kerry Wood
The regional council’s Regional Land Transport Plan is set to approve foul-ups costing nearly $300million, which will ensure that the proposed Bus Rapid Transit system is overloaded. Read more »

A shift in power at the council

by Ian Apperley
While the city was going about its business this afternoon, the City Council was holding a public, extraordinary meeting to propose that decision-making for all cycleways in the city be removed from the Transport Committee and returned to the full Council control. The proposers won. By a country mile. Read more »

Helene Ritchie: need for all councillors to support master plan for cycling

by Helene Ritchie
I am one of the signatories to the Notice of Motion on cycling policy being debated by the city council tomorrow. The key for the debate is that the full Council should decide on a Master Plan for cycling (and that will then attract a Government subsidy.) Read more »

Andy Foster: how to make Wellington a city where more people are cycling

by Andy Foster
Transport is almost always deeply divisive, and certainly so in Wellington. Arguments rage in the community and around the council table over roading, public transport, and in recent months particularly over cycling. Read more »

Fifty body-painted Island Bay residents ride in support of new cycleway

bodypainted cyclists

News from Generation Zero
Fifty local residents took part in a body-painted bike ride this morning to show support for the Island Bay Cycleway going ahead. Read more »

Getting a cycleway started, or stopped

The Government yesterday announced plans to spend $37million building new urban cycleways. But Wellington isn’t getting any of the money.
Read more »

Is there a vision for cycling in Wellington? If so, it’s time to get something done

by Regan Dooley
At an extraordinary council meeting next Tuesday, the Wellington City Council will discuss a notice of motion that could delay the start of work on Stage 1 of the Island Bay to CBD cycleway indefinitely and maybe even put the entire project at risk of being canned. Read more »

Propagandising and slow clapping – supercity opponents state their case(s)

Opposition to the supercity proposals continues to be strongly stated. In the NZ Listener this week, amalgamation is described as a “coalition of the unwilling.” And at a meeting in Carterton last week, hecklers slow-clapped Fran Wilde as she spoke in favour of the supercity plan which she is so strongly supporting. Read more »

Project Odyssey: a nasty surprise?

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that the Wellington City Council is “seemingly ignoring the lessons of history and choosing, in a way that can only be described as opaque, an Australian-based IT company to roll out a single IT system …” Read more »

35 questions about the new IT system

by Ian Apperley
The subject of the Wellington City Council’s Project Odyssey IT project has hit a huge nerve locally. The feedback is overwhelmingly in the “why can no one in Wellington, or New Zealand, do this?” category. We have other questions as well. Read more »

A snub to our orchestra

get lively!

The Wellington City Council has been embarrassingly unfair to Orchestra Wellington, by excluding it from its publication promoting “live in Wellington” events. Read more »

Ten questions for Rick Ellis

How’s he planning to fix Te Papa? Wellington art commentators Jim and Mary Barr are today asking this question about Rick Ellis, who’s now been in the top job at the national museum for 60 days. Read more »

Farewell Ath, a great New Zealander

Tribute from the Arts Foundation of NZ
Sir Ian Athfield was a great New Zealander, responsible for some of our most memorable spaces and an important voice for civic development. Read more »

How did we miss these 8 great ideas?

How did we miss these eight great ideas for Wellington? They were advanced last year by Erentz, in a constructive rant on the indispensable eyeofthefish website. Read more »

$10m or $100m for new IT system?

by Ian Apperley
I feel a Tui Billboard coming on. I commented the other day that it looked like the Council’s Ninth big project was a potential $100million plus, based on a Deloitte report that was published on the Local Government Commission’s website. Read more »