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No shows (unconvincing) and complaints (convincing)

The chair of the Regional Council’s transport committee is unconvincing when she explains why she has failed to attend three of the four public meetings about Wellington’s continuing bus problems. Read more »

A special place, under threat


by Helene Ritchie
Wellington is New Zealand’s only major city with a Civic Centre…a city heart…a defined central public space. Read more »

What must be changed, to fix the problems with Karori’s buses

by Mike Flinn
Last week I attended the meeting in Karori where local residents and residents from adjacent suburbs told Regional Council representatives what they thought of the new bus services. All services to Karori were criticised, including the peak-hour ones along Karori Road with full buses and extended waiting times. Read more »

More than just a bad joke: the bustastrophe and the government

Local MP (and ex-councillor) Paul Eagle has raised the prospect that central government will have to step in to the Wellington Regional Council’s self-made bus-tastrophe. It appears even the Beehive is running out of patience with GWRC’s inability to make the network function effectively. Read more »

Farewell to Civic Square

Civic Square, 1970. WCC Photo from Old Wellington.

City council staff may never return to Civic Square after their move to the Terrace is completed in a month or two. Their absence will endanger the character of the area, because its two major office buildings will both be empty while three years of strengthening is carried out on the (also empty) Town Hall. Read more »

Bustastrophe– a decade in the making

by Brent Efford
The roots of the bustastrophe go back over a decade, when Fran Wilde took over the GWRC and the transport chair and the visionary transport manager Dr David Watson was, essentially, fired (and replaced by a succession of dreary managerialists with neither passion nor much understanding of public transport.) Read more »

No defence for the bus chaos

There’s nobody defending the Regional Council’s new bus systems – which were dubbed “chaos” by TVNZ’s q&a last night. But there’s no shortage of critics who point to ways by which the problems could be solved. Read more »

Why special housing areas were a real problem for Wellington

by Andy Foster
Frank McRae’s article on the City Council not rolling over eight special housing areas is chock full of errors. Read more »

Engaging with Metlink about the buses – on Facebook

by Mark Cubey
Last night saw the launch of Metlink Live: On Our Way, a Facebook forum “developed to listen further” to concerns about changes to Wellington’s public transport network. Read more »

Stopping the name change, and saving Victoria University


by Hugh Rennie QC
When I submitted on 16 July and 25 July, it was very difficult to make any submission, as VUW had released very little of the basic information needed to enable any response which could be based on full information. Since then, some information has been released, on a highly selective basis. More significantly, information which had been available has been withdrawn. Read more »