Wellington Scoop

Flattening the park, in spite of all the opposition


by Alana Bowman
The legal fight to stop the rebuilding of Frank Kitts Park is over, and Wellington city councillors and Mayor Justin Lester are continuing with their plans to destroy the green amphitheatre and flatten the park. Read more »

Airport Flyer: questions and answers


by Daran Ponter
I get quite a few questions/knocks about the Airport Flyer. It’s a good service – frequent, relatively quick, and comfortable. But people have been raising issues recently. including: Read more »

Moving? How about staying put?

by Kathleen Wright
Forget about Getting Wellington Moving. We should think more about how workers can stay put and build more resilient and sustainable communities in the places where they live. Read more »

A double standard on pollution


The Wellington City Council is no doubt serious about its plans to extend the city’s ban on smoking. But it can’t escape suggestions of a double standard. Read more »

Buses, trains and time – what’s really happening


by Alex MacGibbon
You and I owe a lot to geeky people who spend their leisure time hunting down data, parsing and interpreting it, and producing insights – all in The Public Good. Read more »

The first woman law partner – 100 years ago

One of the first women in the legal profession in New Zealand, Lyra Taylor was admitted to the bar in 1918 and became a partner in a Wellington law firm the following year.

by Tracey Cross
International Women’s Day is a day to take stock. Since the 1990s, more women than men have been graduating in law, but the profession has dragged the chain in accommodating women in senior roles. That is changing, which is something to celebrate. In fact, DLA Piper New Zealand can look back on a century of celebration. We made a woman partner in Wellington 100 years ago. Read more »

The transport ecosystem – in praise of reference groups


by Reference Groupie
Like any large undertaking in human society, public transport in Wellington has a bunch of people who’re closely involved, and far more who’re not. For those who aren’t “in the tent” of that inner circle – like most of us – all we can do between election years is call things out from “outside the tent”, and hope someone in there’s listening. Read more »

At last: a real vote for the Town Hall

Wellington Town Hall strengthening project

by Lindsay Shelton
Yesterday’s Town Hall vote seems to be more real than the previous three. Read more »

What’s needed for the National Library, Turnbull and Archives

Photo: Jacob Pollock

by Don Gilling
The National Archival and Library Institutions Ministerial Group is beginning to reveal some of its thinking about the future of Archives New Zealand and the National Library of New Zealand. Read more »

Promises, promises

by Lindsay Shelton
You wouldn’t believe it. Almost three years ago, the Regional Council promised us “better rail services for less ratepayer subsidy … following the appointment of a new metro rail operator.” But this week Transdev, the new operator, admitted it doesn’t have enough train drivers, and gave this as its excuse for cancelling scheduled services. Read more »