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Setting priorities – the need to focus on things we care about

by Ian Apperley
Over the past few weeks we’ve been subjected to the City Council Spin Machine pumping out PR press releases that coat tail on the achievements of others, are propaganda for the Long-Term Plan “consultation” and are worded to ensure no negative publicity is generated. Read more »

LGWM: it wasn’t a referendum, but the results are clear


by Lindsay Shelton
Now that LGWM has released the results of its public feedback, let’s remember: the preferences are not votes – it isn’t a referendum. Many people who selected a preference also wanted changes to their preferred scenario. Read more »

LGWM feedback wants better public transport, less congestion, opposition to cars

News from LGWM
Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM), a joint initiative between the Wellington City Council, the Greater Wellington Regional Council, and the NZ Transport Agency, today released a summary of the public’s feedback on four scenarios for Wellington’s transport future. Read more »

Making a difference: women’s rights at the council

by Diane Calvert
International Women’s Day last week celebrated the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and raised awareness of issues that women still face, in particular a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Read more »

The Downtown Levy – intended for CBD retailers, but now?

by John Albertson
Twenty years or so ago, retail in the Wellington CBD was under pressure. Analysis of credit card spending indicated considerable “leakage” from Wellington residents spending outside the CBD and there wasn’t much being gained back from the suburban areas of the Hutt Valley and Porirua. Read more »

Rates down? Rates up? Council avoids saying “increase”

The Wellington City Council tonight announced a rates increase. Sort of. But it couldn’t bring itself to use the word “increase.” Instead, it tried to convey the opposite, and said that “rates are coming down to 3.9 per cent.” The error was reinforced by the council’s headline which announced that city councillors had voted to bring the rates down. All of which indicates some embarrassment – as well as denial – about putting the rates up again. Read more »

Regional Council promises “integrated” public transport

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
The coming months will see a major upgrade of Greater Wellington’s public transport network, the first major changes to our public transport services and infrastructure in 20 years. Read more »

Another annual rates increase

Wellington city councillors today start discussing their ten-year plan – following a week when the mayor made five announcements about some of its main targets. The plan includes another increase in rates. Which has brought some critical responses from readers of Wellington.Scoop: Read more »

Rates going up by 4.3% or 3.9% ? And no free weekend parking

In another preview of the Wellington City Council’s ten-year plan, Mayor Justin Lester says a rates increase has been set at 4.3 per cent but he wants to bring it down to 3.9 percent. He also wants to start charging for weekend parking – but at a reduced rate – as a way of keeping rates down. Read more »

The council’s ten year spend: $280m, $230m, $127m, $27.7m

The mayor has been drip-feeding us with items from his proposed ten-year budget, and the biggest item so far is $280m for resilience. No one could disagree with the need for resilience. Read more »