Bluster, obfuscation and flimflam

by Keith Johnson
Mayor Wade-Brown’s article yesterday in the DomPost (city council is a $6 a day per person bargain) is, in her manner, strong on style and weak in substance, with a good dose of bluster, obfuscation and flimflam. She is cut between telling us how weak growth has been in the city over the last few years and how marvelous the city has been and how wonderfully the Wellington City Council has performed. Read more »

More than a month without you

by Lindsay Shelton
We continue to be embarrassed and frustrated by the failure of our comments system. Read more »

What have you chosen?

film fest logo reduced

by Lindsay Shelton
You should now have made your bookings for the NZ International Film’s Wellington season which starts on July 24 in eight city cinemas. Read more »

Miscalculations in the Regional Council’s large-budget planning

by Paul Bruce
The Regional Council’s Long Term Plan contains a number of large budget items which do not contribute towards the Wellington region’s resilience or sustainability. Read more »

Can you afford the increase in rates?

by Lindsay Shelton
If you’re confident that your income will be increasing every year for the next ten years, then you won’t be worried about the Wellington City Council’s intention to increase the rates every year for the same period. However if your income is staying the same or going down, then you should be concerned. Read more »

Grossly misleading … the claims about increasing rates and borrowing

Slide1 rates up

by Keith Johnson
It was disappointing that an otherwise excellent and provocative article last week about curbing rates increases, by John Milford of the Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, was marred by an obvious statistical error that allowed the Wellington City Council to claim that Milford’s figures were ‘grossly misleading’. Read more »

What have they decided about rates increases – 6.1%? 4.5%? 3.8%?

by Lindsay Shelton
Is the Wellington City Council being deliberately misleading about rates increases? Announcing this week’s approval of its long-term plan, the council named two different percentages for rates increases. But both were averages. And a councillor today revealed a higher figure – a rates increase of 6.1 per cent this year, which the council failed to mention. Read more »

Skewed priorities, and a 6.1% rates increase – the ten-year plan is analysed

by Helene Ritchie
The Wellington City Council’s rates hike of 6.1 per cent this year is too high. Priorities are skewed in the wrong direction towards vanity projects for political expediency, and a disproportionate amount of “growth-economic” funds and projects. Read more »

“Socking the ratepayers” with higher rates

by Nicola Young
I’m broadly in agreement with the proposals of the city council’s Long Term Plan, with a few exceptions. I’m concerned about the rate increase, and its effect on our ratepayers. Read more »

Greenpeace activists unfurl anti-pollution banner on roof of Parliament

demo parlt
Photo: Russel Norman

Greenpeace activists succeeded in hanging a banner on the top of Parliament Buildings this morning – with a message about the Prime Minister’s attitude to pollution. Read more »

Cyclists congratulate councillors on unanimous support for cycleway plan

by James Burgess
Cycle Aware Wellington is very pleased that the Wellington City Council today approved both the city’s Cycling Framework and the Island Bay Cycleway. We congratulate the councillors and council officers on their hard work. Read more »

Stranded for at least a week? Pipiriki residents cut off by two slips

News from Ruapehu District Council
Ruapehu District Council (RDC) is aiming to supply Pipiriki residents isolated by two major slips on the Pipiriki-Raetihi Road with at least a week’s worth of food supplies. Read more »

400 people evacuated in Wanganui’s worst-ever flood; more than 2000 slips

flooding wanganui
Photo: NewsTalkZB

The Wanganui district has been experiencing the largest flood ever recorded in the district. Four hundred people have been evacuated from their homes. Read more »

Words, or a lack of them

The resignation of chair Fran Wilde is a major change for the Wellington Regional Council. But maybe the council is in denial – there’s nothing about the announcement on its website. Not a word. Read more »

The reason for Fran Wilde’s resignation: a no confidence letter from 9 councillors

The protective blackout curtains have been dragged back from the Wellington Regional Council today, with revelations from DomPost reporter Andrea O’Neil about why chair Fran Wilde announced her resignation at the weekend. Read more »

15 days without your comments

by Lindsay Shelton
Since Wellington.Scoop began more than six years ago, comments from readers have been an integral part of what we publish. So it’s embarrassing for us that our comments system has failed for the last 15 days. Read more »

Cannabis floodgates have not been opened, promises Peter Dunne

by Peter Dunne
This week I approved the use of a medicinal cannabis product (actually a hemp derivative) in the case of a critically ill Wellington teenager. Read more »

Frankenstein supercity put to death

by Ian Apperley
The Local Government Commission’s proposed Frankenstein of a supercity stretching from Masterton to Miramar has been put to death before it could rampage through the countryside killing peasants and mangling livestock. The beast isn’t quite dead yet, body parts may have escaped to attempt a Version 2.0, but for now we are safe. Read more »