Free of what capital?

by Norbert Hausberg
The new slogan is out – pest free capital, predator free. I would prefer a free public transport capital. Or even better a CO2 free capital. Maybe a car free capital? How about a motorway free capital? A waste free capital? Read more »

Council diversity … not only gender

by Diane Calvert
There are only eleven women (out of a total of 40 candidates) standing for the Wellington City Council – somewhat surprising given Wellington has had a woman mayor for the past 12 years and there are already five sitting woman councillors. Hopefully the success rate of women elected across 15 seats will be greater than 25%. Read more »

Successes, failures, and propaganda

by Ian Apperley
The Wellington City Council has just released its annual report and it makes for interesting reading. It is, once again, along with the accompanying press release, a masterful exercise in propaganda.
Read more »

Candidates and sustainability

by Dave McArthur
Rating election candidates for their sustainability is based on the question: “What if information is physical? What if the physical world is essentially information?” Read more »

Dude, where’s my surf break?


by Michael Gunson
The Surfbreak Protection Society (SPS) would like to think that its submission opposing the runway extension and artificial swell focus reef is the cause of the airport company’s decision to suspend and revise its consent application. The reality is probably that the submission is only one of a number that led Wellington International Airport Ltd to suspend the process. Read more »

Promises, promises … the campaign for number one

by Lindsay Shelton
As the voting period gets shorter (and the days get longer) you can’t help thinking about some of the stranger parts of the election campaign. Read more »

A game of chance

by Gordon Campbell
Election day for local government is approaching. Around the country, the candidates seem to be the usual crew i.e. barely recognisable people offering a mixture of enticements, some of which sound kind of acceptable if you can ignore the stuff that sounds weirdly off-putting. Read more »

How they’ve been spending your money – and how much theyre paying themselves

by Neil Douglas
Three years ago I looked at how our local councils and our regional council were doing in keeping rates under control, as one factor in helping you decide who to vote for in the local elections. Since election time is rapidly approaching again, I’ve redone the analysis and added some other criteria such as the remuneration of our Mayors and Chief Executive Officers. Read more »

Family ties: Bill joins Jo’s campaign

by Lindsay Shelton
Jo Coughlan’s list of endorsements went up a notch last week. Her public supporters now include her brother-in-law the deputy prime minister. Read more »

Cars have never made good homes

by Christine McCarthy
Ten years ago there were no beggars on the streets of Wellington. Today almost every walk through the CBD reveals the increase in poverty in New Zealand. Read more »

Picking favourites

by Lindsay Shelton
Among the tsunami of questions being dealt with by Wellington’s mayoral candidates, there’s been a down-to-earth series from local architects, who’ve been asking the wannabes about their favourite things. Read more »

It’s on their agenda: majority of Regional Council candidates support light rail

Chris Laidlaw’s new commitment to light rail is one of the highlights from Regional Council candidates’ responses to transport questions which we are publishing today. But it’s not the only highlight. Read more »

Contradictory surveys: but which do you believe?

Whose survey about the runway extension do you believe? And whose survey about the mayoral election? Read more »

Time to re-focus on people

by Tony Jansen
Let’s change the focus from infrastructure and put people back in the centre of this election campaign. We need to ignore the big ticket red herrings. Read more »

A friendly forum, with applause, laughter, and some flyover vagueness

Photo: Liana Pantaleo

by Lindsay Shelton
It was hard to get a direct answer about the flyover from some of the candidates at our Wellington.Scoop mayoral forum last night. But there was a standing-room-only audience (more than 300 people) at PreFab, and friendly responses from all of the eight wannabes. Read more »

SCOOP IMAGES: Candidates and our readers share a forum

aud 1
Scoop photos by Liana Pantaleo
It was standing room only at our mayoral forum last night at PreFab. And it was the first time that Wellington.Scoop and its readers had shared a public event.
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Rates, consultation, public money … Jo Coughlan answers our questions

As a preview for tonight’s mayoral forum, we’ve asked the mayoral candidates to answer eight basic questions about their policies for Wellington. Next to answer: Jo Coughlan. Read more »

Rates, consultation, public money … Nick Leggett answers our questions

As a preview for Tuesday’s mayoral forum, we’ve asked the mayoral candidates to answer eight basic questions about their policies for Wellington. Next to answer: Nick Leggett. Read more »