Concrete wastelands on the waterfront

Two city councillors showed confused thinking during yesterday’s debate that approved another new building for the waterfront. Read more »

$10million in exchange for demolition?

Wealthy developer Mark Dunatschik has offered to pay $5m to help strengthen St Gerard’s, and another $5m to help strengthen St Mary of the Angel’s. But there’s a condition. He’ll write the cheques only if he’s allowed to demolish the heritage Harcourts Building in Lambton Quay. Read more »

Five myths about the Island Bay cycleway

by Regan Dooley
One of the biggest issues in the debate about the proposed Island Bay Cycle Way (Section 1 of the full cycle route to the city, from Shorland Park to Wakefield Park) has been a lack of understanding about the real pros and cons of the cycleway. Here’s an analysis of five of the most common myths. Read more »

“This building should not be there at all”

kumutoto - aug 2014
Willis Bond

by Mary Munro
Waterfront Watch notes with interest the re-designed building planned for Site 10 on North Kumutoto. The main concern of Waterfront Watch, and most of those who submitted to the city council in opposition, is that this building should not be there at all. Read more »

More buses or less buses? A problem with truthiness at the regional council

Nicky Hager isn’t the only one uncovering dodgy dealings through email – we’ve recently come into possession of a couple of documents that seem to indicate the Greater Wellington Regional Council might have a problem with truthiness. Read more »

Peter Jackson leading ‘innovative’ design of WW1 museum in old museum building

Photo: Celia Wade-Brown

News from NZ Government
Wellington’s old Dominion Museum Building is to be be home to a temporary First World War commemorative museum exhibition, developed by Sir Peter Jackson, from April 2015 and through the duration of the centenary period. Read more »

Dirty Politics: Nicky Hager’s new book on the Key Government launched at Unity

nicky hager
Nicky Hager at the book launch. Twitter photo by Adam Bennett

News from Craig Potton Publishing
Nicky Hager’s new book was launched tonight at Unity Books in downtown Wellington. The book is not about the Snowden documents; Mr Hager said publicly months ago that he was not writing a book on that subject. Read more »

Trapped in the convention centre

The shiny new council-supported convention centre is designed to bring lots more people into Wellington, apparently helping to add vibrancy and turnover to the local economy. So far, so good – it’s the business plan of every convention centre in the Western world, even if it turns out that many of the benefits can be extensively over-sold by their promoters. Read more »

The council states its reasons for supporting the convention centre

convention centre
There are four more days for Wellingtonians to tell the city council what they think about the plan for the council to support the creation of a new convention centre opposite Te Papa. Read more »

The reasons why the convention centre plans must be improved

conventioncentre 2
Wellington architectural critic Maximus is calling for improvements to the plan for a Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre opposite Te Papa. Read more »

My 45 film festival awards

fest logo

by Lindsay Shelton
I’ve been going to the Wellington Film Festival for every one of its 43 years, from before it was re-branded as the NZ International Film Festival. So I’m (again) claiming the right to offer my own personal festival awards. Read more »

Gerry Brownlee and the flyover

As the days tick away on the Transport Agency’s statutory timeframe to appeal against the Basin Reserve flyover decision, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the National government would step in and legislate. Read more »

Real time and real problems – a response to Fran Wilde

by Kerry Wood
Fran Wilde wants to refute (I think she means deny) comments about her Regional Council’s Real Time Information system (RTI). She seems to be meeting resistance. Read more »

Fran Wilde: real time information “operates reliably… glitch resolved”

by Fran Wilde
I wish to refute a series of comments about Real Time Information made via Twitter by the editor of Wellington.scoop, over the last 24 hours. Read more »

Politics, consultation, and the cycleway

The Wellington City Council has come under pressure over its consultation process on the Island Bay cycleway. Opponents are claiming that one of the options – simply preserving the status quo – wasn’t even on the table, despite the route from Island Bay to the city not having a history of cycling deaths or injuries. Read more »

Light rail instead of a flyover: we need Plan B, because there’s no Planet B

Basin draft 3 small
Click here for large version

by Brent Efford
The board of inquiry rejection of the flyover on the north side of Wellington’s Basin Reserve – the sort of highway structure that more advanced cities overseas are tearing down, often in favour of light rail – has unleashed a Chicken Licken torrent of catastrophising and hand-wringing. Read more »

The lady, the beast, and the show people

Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth in Lady from Shanghai
The Lady from Shanghai – Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth

by Lindsay Shelton
A film festival audience in the Embassy this week was happily carried away by the inspired madness of Orson Welles’ 1947 thriller The Lady from Shanghai. It was a perfectly restored film, which looked brand new. Read more »

What’s going on at Te Papa?

“What’s going on at Te Papa?” is a question that’s asked from time to time by many people, including Wellington art collectors and critics Jim and Mary Barr. They’re asking it again this morning. Read more »