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Orange: in or out?

Upper Hutt has become an outlier. It’s taking a different approach to protecting its communities under the Orange Traffic Light system, and isn’t requiring a vaccination pass for entry to its libraries, pools and council offices. Which means it’s admitting non-vaccinated people to these venues. Read more »

Significant natural angst

designated SNA SNA areas in purple.

by Ian Apperley
A while back, a low muttering started in rural parts of New Zealand as the Significant Natural Area (SNA) framework appeared. It’s an example of an unworkable, untenable, nanny-state, sledgehammer at work, piece of poorly thought-out legislation. Read more »

Red or orange but not yet green

by Dr Amanda Kvalsvig, Epidemiologist, Department of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington
The key issue with the new traffic light system is that it’s designed around incentivising New Zealanders to get vaccinated. It’s significantly underpowered for meaningful prevention of Covid-19 outbreaks. That’s a major and concerning gap in our pandemic response just now as we await further information on the omicron variant. Read more »

Not only bus drivers

There’s not only a shortage of bus drivers. The Wellington City Council told us last week that there’s also a shortage of drivers on the rubbish trucks. Read more »

Moving on, and finding the best new VC for VUW

logo VUW

by Hugh Rennie
It is now well over three years since my public objection to the strange actions of Victoria University of Wellington; and then I found that many people used me as a contact point. So much followed. Read more »

Seeking the facts, but being distracted by PR

by Helene Ritchie
The other day, I asked the Wellington City Council where could I get a hard copy of the draft District Plan. I received a quick and efficient retort: “ We don’t have hard copies available I’m afraid – it’s a massive document and comes in at over 1000 pages…
Read more »

Sorting out the mayoralty, and the bay

by Ian Apperley
Did you miss me? I bet some of you did, and I am pretty sure that a lot of you didn’t; sorry about that, but politics is an addiction, and I can’t help wading in on a couple of issues this week, because wow, there is some orchestrated nonsense going on in the PR space! Read more »

Rates and water and fury

by Ian Apperley
Apologies for a slight diversion back into local politics. My interest was caught this week when I noticed that the South Wairarapa District Council (SWDC) had seemingly lost their mind and were having a significant crack at their water provider, of which they own part. But this has been going on for weeks, after the SWDC put rates up to an eye-watering level, some people seeing an increase of more than 35%. Read more »

Newtown’s streets of history

newtown map

by Claire Nolan
The Waitangi Stream flowing off the slopes of Mt Albert fed flax and boggy ground, where Millwood and Riddiford streets are now. Parts of Newtown such as Wilson Street need deep house piles, and public drains with manholes on private property divert the water even now. Read more »

What is “walkable?”


Te Herenga Waka — Victoria University of Wellington PhD student Swarnali Dihingia’s research is at the crux of New Zealand’s intensification debate. Read more »