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5 ways to get more homes

by Conor Hill
Wellington City’s Spatial Plan has five big issues that need resolving in the District Plan. Solving these issues would lead to a better city with more homes. Read more »

Six storeys in the suburbs

by Felicity Wong
City councillors will vote on 20 October to release Wellington’s Draft District Plan for “consultation”. After a majority of them ignored the huge amount of feedback on the draft Spatial Plan last year, it’s worth asking whether going to much trouble this time will make any difference. Read more »

Revenge of the trackless tram

by Conor Hill
Light Rail is the second option being put forward by Let’s Get Wellington Moving for mass transit. While it is better than bendy buses, it has diverged alarmingly from what was supported by all tiers of government in 2019. Read more »

Bendy buses won’t move Wellington

by Conor Hill
Bendy buses are not a solution to the long term public transport woes afflicting east and south Wellington. But after years of consultation, this is one of two ‘solutions’ Wellingtonians may be stuck with. Read more »

What’s really planned for the car park?

building on mfc

by Lindsay Shelton
There may have been some frantic negotiations on Sunday night, after the DomPost wrote a report about a new building that is being planned for the Michael Fowler carpark, and how it would be occupied. Because when the council released its own announcement on Monday morning, the categories in the list had changed almost completely. Read more »

No plans, but they love it anyway

by Lindsay Shelton
There was a night of magical thinking last Thursday when Wellington City Councillors debated the proposal to support a new building on the open green waterfront lawn of Frank Kitts Park. Read more »

The lawn is not for building

Open letter from Helene Ritchie to Wellington mayor and councillors
I am writing in anticipation of your debate tomorrow about Frank Kitts Park, because there is significant public concern about the loss of green open public space on our waterfront. I want to alert you to a serious omission that your officers appear to have made. Read more »

Keeping the public away from FKP decisions

fkp panorama
Chinese Garden cutting across Frank Kitts Park – plans which were announced before the new proposal to build the Fale Malae on the lawn alongside it.

by Alana Bowman
When the Wellington City Council announced last Friday that councillors would make decisions six days later affecting Frank Kitts Park, it chose to by-pass even the minimum opportunity for public comment. Read more »

Breaking the rules on the waterfront

fale marae

by Lindsay Shelton
A fale malae is a great idea for Wellington’s Pasifika community, but city councillors are this week being asked to support building it in the wrong place – on land on Frank Kitts Park that is designated as public open space. Read more »

The historic opening day that hasn’t arrived

gully 2
The official party turning the first sod seven years ago for Transmission Gully

There was “great excitement” seven years ago when politicians led by John Key and Gerry Brownlee marked the start of construction of Transmission Gully. They said they were looking forward to “another historic day in 2020” when the road would be opened. It didn’t happen. And this week the opening date was postponed indefinitely, with no opening date in sight. Read more »