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Regional council launches $200,000 campaign to explain its importance for change

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
A campaign launched today is showing the value the regional council adds to communities and the importance of its role in navigating change facing the region in the coming years. Read more »

Nineteen new homes in Taita for homeless whānau

homes for homeless

News from Hutt City Council
Construction of nineteen new homes for whānau currently in housing stress is on the way in Taita. Read more »

WCC signing up for more sustainable local food systems

Innermost Gardens,a community garden next to the town belt on Mount Victoria.

News from WCC
The Wellington City Council will next week be the first city in New Zealand to sign up to the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, joining a global movement for sustainable urban food systems. Read more »

Māori election option will restrict choice of local voting next year

Report from LDR
Māori voters will only be able to vote for Māori ward candidates in the 2022 local elections if they are already on the Māori electoral roll – the next opportunity to switch rolls is not till 2024. Read more »

Much worse, and sooner

debris 4
Photo: Marten Rabarts

by Kerry Wood
Wellington’s weather has been wild recently, and we need to be aware of the consequences: much worse, too soon. A recent NIWA press release quotes Dr Scott Stephens, NIWA’s Chief Scientist for Coasts and Estuaries: Read more »

Another $5m for City Mission’s new building with 35 apartments

News from Wellington City Mission
Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson today announced a further $5 million of shovel ready funding for the Wellington City Mission’s new building project Whakamaru. Read more »

Rapid covid testing at Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport is one of 25 New Zealand businesses which is planning to introduce rapid antigen testing to its worksite. Read more »

Greenpeace speak at Parliament against pollution from synthetic nitrogen fertilizer

News from Greenpeace
Greenpeace has been informed that the Fertiliser Association has requested a last minute postponement of their appearance at the Environmental Select Committee at Parliament in Wellington today, rather than appear head to head with Greenpeace following a media advisory sent by the environment NGO early yesterday evening. Read more »

Funding of high-needs primary health care needs overhaul

Opinion by Ian Powell
The negotiation process that regularly updates terms and conditions for general practice funding barely works for privately owned practices (mainly small businesses and providing the large majority of primary healthcare in New Zealand). Read more »

Draft District Plan will be seeking opinions from residents

News from Wellington City Council
Wellington’s Draft District Plan – the capital city’s first completely revised planning and environmental rulebook in more than 20 years – is now online and will be considered by the City Council’s Pūroro Āmua Planning and Environment Committee on 20 October for agreement to send it for community input, starting in November. Read more »

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