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The lawn is not for building

Open letter from Helene Ritchie to Wellington mayor and councillors
I am writing in anticipation of your debate tomorrow about Frank Kitts Park, because there is significant public concern about the loss of green open public space on our waterfront. I want to alert you to a serious omission that your officers appear to have made. Read more »

Keeping the public away from FKP decisions

fkp panorama
Chinese Garden cutting across Frank Kitts Park – plans which were announced before the new proposal to build the Fale Malae on the lawn alongside it.

by Alana Bowman
When the Wellington City Council announced last Friday that councillors would make decisions six days later affecting Frank Kitts Park, it chose to by-pass even the minimum opportunity for public comment. Read more »

Breaking the rules on the waterfront

fale marae

by Lindsay Shelton
A fale malae is a great idea for Wellington’s Pasifika community, but city councillors are this week being asked to support building it in the wrong place – on land on Frank Kitts Park that is designated as public open space. Read more »

The historic opening day that hasn’t arrived

gully 2
The official party turning the first sod seven years ago for Transmission Gully

There was “great excitement” seven years ago when politicians led by John Key and Gerry Brownlee marked the start of construction of Transmission Gully. They said they were looking forward to “another historic day in 2020” when the road would be opened. It didn’t happen. And this week the opening date was postponed indefinitely, with no opening date in sight. Read more »

Why we love Frank Kitts Park

frank kitts park

by Alana Bowman
As many times as you walk along the edge of Wellington Harbour, the green expanse of Frank Kitts Park always comes as a surprise. Read more »

The council isn’t selling shoes

Cr Fleur Fitzsimons has had encouraging feedback from across the political spectrum since she criticised last week’s external review of the Wellington City Council’s communications and engagement functions. The review recommends a “refreshed corporate identity” for the council, but Cr Fitzsimons says this makes the council seem as if it is “a corporation with something to sell, like a sneakers brand or an insurance company.” Read more »

Centralism vs localism

by Felicity Wong
The Wellington City Council is consulting on its plan for “status quo plus one:” retaining its current electoral system and introducing a new Māori ward. The system of electing ward councillors is important because of the tension between centralism and localism. Read more »

Will $3.1billion get us moving?

map nzta

by Lindsay Shelton
When the NZTA announced yesterday that it wants to spend a “forecast investment” of $3.1billion over the next three years to get Wellington moving, it may have been acknowledging the immobility of the six-year-old “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” group (with the unfortunate name), which has had the same aim, without success.
Read more »

Rethinking the airport barrier

runway 3

by Glen Smith
Despite being surrounded by high hills, Wellington is fortunate to have an international airport that is under 10km from its CBD, with flight approaches over Cook Strait to the south and just missing the Newland hills to the north. The drawback is the runway which forms a major physical barrier over 2km long between the city and the airport terminal and the growing population of over 20,000 residents who live east of the airport on Miramar Peninsula. Read more »

Memories of a 1970s Miramar teenager


by Stephen Moore
I’m a 61-year-old who was raised in Newtown until 1976, then lived in Miramar, Lyall Bay and Hataitai. I have never lived anywhere else. Read more »

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