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Halving protection, and doubling heights

Opinion from Mt Cook Mobilised
The effects of the proposed Wellington City Council Draft District Plan on you and your neighbours could be considerable. The council is now consulting on the draft plan, which could result in multi-storey housing in much of Mt Cook over the next 30 years. Read more »

Getting rid of traffic

by Lindsay Shelton
Last week’s cautious city council move towards keeping traffic out of more of Cuba Street, and converting part of Dixon Street for pedestrians, should be welcomed by almost everyone, except for the few who still think that customers only arrive in cars. Read more »

We need rules, not a word salad

by Eugene Doyle
The District Plan is the rulebook for Wellington, and now is the opportunity to re-set it for the first time in 20 years. The plan will have long term effects; it really matters, which is why the Mayoral Taskforce gave it such prominence in its recommendations. Read more »

Daylight robbery

by Allison Tindale
Whilst the proposed Medium Density Residential Standards outlined in the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Bill will increase housing growth in cities across New Zealand, these standards could come at a very high cost for some occupants of adjacent properties. Read more »

1500 days in Island Bay

cycle lane 1

by Regan Dooley
Last Friday was 1,500 days since the Wellington City Council voted 13-1 to upgrade The Parade in Island Bay. So why hasn’t the work started? Here’s a rundown of everything that’s happened (or not happened) in the four years since then. Read more »

Losing the right to appeal

by Felicity Wong
There’s a slew of planning change being consulted on. The most pressing is the Government’s RMA Enabling Housing Supply (and Other Matters) Amendment Bill. It was introduced with National Party support and will be enacted by mid December. By contrast, LGWM won’t be putting a spade in the ground until 2028, and the Wellington City Council’s Draft District Plan is about to become out of date. Read more »

Kim Hunt and her badass characters

kim hunt edited

by Marian Evans
I loved Kim Hunt’s crime novel The Beautiful Dead when I read it. Loved her protagonist, Cal Nyx. Could see the movie. Now The Beautiful Dead has been short-listed in the Ngaio Marsh Awards, Best First Novel category. And Kim has completed the second in the Cal Nyx series, The Quarry, and is working on a third. Read more »

The birth of the film festival

First WFF
by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington Film Festival, which launched its 50th anniversary season at the Embassy Theatre last night, was born out of the film society movement. Read more »

Upgrading the Basin, but slowly

basin latest

by Lindsay Shelton
One thing seems certain from this week’s LGWM announcement – there won’t be a flyover alongside the Basin Reserve. Undergrounding – to separate the two streams of traffic and create lots of new green open space – is on offer in three of the four options. The fourth option (surely no one wants it) is to leave the unpopular roundabout as is. Read more »

Mass transit is dead, long live mass transit

trams on quays 2

by Conor Hill
The LGWM announcement this week could be the death knell for mass transit in Wellington City. In this latest plan, construction doesn’t start until 2028, with mass transit operational between 2036 and 2043. This is a delay of up to 14 years from what was presented in 2019. Read more »

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