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Busker’s amp ready to rock on at Wellington Museum

City Archive’s Ben Boardman hands over the amp to Wellington Museum’s Senior Curator Ian Wards in front of former Mayor Mark Blumsky’s portrait.

News from Wellington Museum
Kenny’s amplifier was officially handed over to the Wellington Museum today, to house the item that made the local identity a household name. Read more »

National Library sending 600,000 books to the Philippines to be digitised

The National Library has announced plans to give away up to 600,000 books from its overseas-published collections – the books are to be sent to a digitisation centre which the DomPost reports is in the Philippines. After the books have been digitised, they will then be sent to a storage centre in the United States, which will be paying for all transport and digitisation costs. The National Library says the books will become available online “within two years of receipt.” Read more »

Real books vs pixels

by Christine Dann
The National Librarian Rachel Esson told us at the end of last month: “We are now in advanced discussions with an overseas digitisation partner.” Read more »

Celebrating 75 years

david niven on set

by Caroline Garratt
In October 1945 Gordon Mirams, then widely known for his film criticism in the New Zealand Listener, placed an advertisement in the Evening Post inviting interested parties to a meeting to discuss the formation of a ‘Wellington Film Society’. Initially named the Wellington Film Institute, screenings officially began in 1946 and by July of that year membership was almost at 300. Seventy-five years later, the Wellington Film Society continues to take its members further into film, offering classics and films that may escape mainstream distribution. Read more »

Car dependence, climate and community

tunnel 1927

by Roland Sapsford
The Wellington suburb of Northland in the 1970s was a far cry from what it is now. I had an after-high school job delivering groceries for the GHB store (like Four Square) that’s now a Burger Wisconsin. The owner Rua Harris (“Rua’s personal grocery service”) was a charming man and had customers all over the show. They rang in orders and then I (with one or two others) delivered them in an old CA Bedford van. Some of the older people loved our visits and would always have tea and biscuits for us. Deliveries took a long time some days. Read more »

College pupil complains of bullying by bus driver in Kelburn

Report from RNZ by Ben Strang
A Wellington College pupil has been forced to find a new way to get to school after being bullied by a bus driver who refused to stop and pick him up. Read more »

Over-16 students to be vaccinated in Whanganui next term

Report from RNZ
Whanganui high school students over the age of 16 are to receive their first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from next term. Read more »

Saving an 800-year-old tree

old rimu

by Helene Ritchie
Our little Fantl family gathered this week in Otari/Wilton Bush alongside a very tall female rimu, 800 years old, strong trunk, firm roots far into the ground, newly protected by a viewing platform for all to see. We were Michele, Dan, Ezra, Jonty, Ira, Carol – daughter-in-law, grandsons, son and nieces. Read more »

What’s happening to 500,000 books from the National Library?

News from Book Guardians Aotearoa
Is the National Library really going to spend $1 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money on storing some half a million books before shipping them overseas (at a cost unspecified) to be digitised (as a donation from the New Zealand taxpayer) by an organisation (the Internet Archive)* which is under a cloud for digitising books it does not have the rights to digitise? Read more »

Whanganui Museum trialling curatorial role for hapū and iwi


Report from LDR
Hapū and iwi of the Whanganui region will each have a curator-in-residence and the chance to present their taonga and stories in their own exhibitions under a concept being explored by the Whanganui Regional Museum. Read more »

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