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Doing it well, with fewer controls

by Judy Siers
It’s a good 18 months since we were first alerted and concerned about the proposed WCC spatial plan. A lot has happened since, and I know many have submitted to the WCC and aired their views about the potential loss of heritage and character in our northern suburbs. Read more »

Permits for picnics?


In spite of all the worries about covid, Wellington found a different topic of concern last week – the supposed danger of picnics in parks. Metered car parking spaces, that is. Read more »

Cancelled (or not) by covid

by Lindsay Shelton
On the last day of last month, the Wellington Phoenix – in their temporary Australian base – were hoping that they’d avoided a widespread outbreak of covid. But their hopes were dashed. Read more »

2022: more of the same?

tree 4

by Lindsay Shelton
Happy new year. And welcome to 2022. A year shaping up to be more of the same. Read more »

What matters for our city in 2022

by Benoit Pette
As this year is coming to a close, it is a good time to see how Wellington has negotiated the challenges it is facing. And the airport? Not much has changed: it keeps saying that expected traffic growth makes expansion necessary, when it’s the expansion that’ll lead to increased traffic. Read more »

Holding back the water

by Kerry Wood
Wellington is facing serious flooding risks. Flood-planning is becoming necessary. Read more »

Choosing their words strangely

The police can’t cope with drownings. They’ve stopped using the “drowning” word. Their choice to replace it: “Water related incidents.” Read more »

Time on their hands?

The holiday season has brought news of some unusual activity by Wellington City Council staff members. Read more »

Top ten for farmers

by Ian Apperley
It’s nearly Christmas, isn’t it? By now, all you city folk will have bought yourselves a few presents and hopefully a big bottle of gin. You can open your presents and drink your gin, crying into your great big glass of it if you get trapped in your apartments by poor weather. Read more »

A regional top ten

baby councillor

by Thomas Nash
Every day I feel a big sense of responsibility representing the Wellington region as an elected councillor. As we finish the year at the council, it’s a good time to look back at all the stuff we got done in 2021. Here are my top ten highlights. Read more »

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