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Mixed messages

by Lindsay Shelton
There were conflicting messages about covid vaccinations in the texts that thousands of Wellingtonians received last week. Read more »

Conversion? No … demolition

church demolition 2

by Lindsay Shelton
The number of its parishioners had shrunk to less than a score, so it was inevitable that this beautiful 1960s Brooklyn church would have to find a new use. But was demolition inevitable? Read more »

How to cross the road?

crossing cobham drive concept

by Lindsay Shelton
What’s the best way for a pedestrian or a cyclist to cross four lanes of traffic on Cobham Drive? After some years of indecision, the people at LGWM this week came up with the answer. (And no, it’s not the dreadful design that is shown above.) Read more »

Changing virus needs changing response

another testing centre

by Professor Michael Baker, Professor of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington
The decision to extend Alert Level 2 restrictions in Wellington for another two days until midnight on Tuesday is fully justified. Read more »

Why variants make us vulnerable

covid testing

by Dr Sarb Johal, registered clinical psychologist
We now know that there has been another day of zero covid cases detected in Wellington, and nothing detected in wastewater testing either. We are not through this yet, but I’ve been thinking: what might happen when vaccines become more widely available at the end of next month? Read more »

Covid news a real concern

bus with masks

by Professor Nick Wilson, Department of Public Health, University of Otago
The news about a person infected with the pandemic virus (SARS-CoV-2) travelling to Wellington is a real concern, especially given the increased infectiousness of the delta variant. So, it is very good that the New Zealand authorities are seriously looking at a range of enhanced control options for Wellington. Read more »

Voting on the new draft


by Felicity Wong
The decision hangs in the balance when Wellington city councillors vote on Thursday on the new draft of the controversial Spatial Plan. And the government will be watching to see that any Spatial Plan adopted is consistent with its new National Policy Statement on Urban Development. Read more »

War zones and accusations

by Benoit Pette
The latest draft of the Spatial Plan will not be back in front of the Wellington City Council till Thursday, but already Wellington’s social media is back to firing war zones. The “debates” have again fallen into a battle of cliches, where everyone is accusing everyone else of being a selfish privileged boomer or a developer’s pawn. Read more »

More buses – the last thing we need

by Kerry Wood
Light rail in Wellington is clearly needed, so why has LGWM suddenly proposed trackless trams? They are one of several proprietary guided-bus systems, little different from an articulated bus, and the last thing Wellington needs is more buses. The problem is this: Read more »

Take a pause till there’s a sewage solution

by Eugene Doyle
The re-consent application for the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Titahi Bay should be paused because it has failed in its most critical test: to convince the affected community, the people of Titahi Bay, that the solution is fit for purpose. Read more »

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