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Choosing the best option

by Michael Barnett
LGWM’s four transport options are aimed at moving more people with fewer vehicles, enabling more housing development, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In FIT Wellington’s view: Option 4, which includes light rail to the south coast via Taranaki Street, is the strongest option whilst Option 2, bus rapid transit to the sea and skies, is the weakest. Read more »

Upgrading the Basin, but slowly

basin latest

by Lindsay Shelton
One thing seems certain from this week’s LGWM announcement – there won’t be a flyover alongside the Basin Reserve. Undergrounding – to separate the two streams of traffic and create lots of new green open space – is on offer in three of the four options. The fourth option (surely no one wants it) is to leave the unpopular roundabout as is. Read more »

Mass transit is dead, long live mass transit

trams on quays 2

by Conor Hill
The LGWM announcement this week could be the death knell for mass transit in Wellington City. In this latest plan, construction doesn’t start until 2028, with mass transit operational between 2036 and 2043. This is a delay of up to 14 years from what was presented in 2019. Read more »

Will $3.1billion get us moving?

map nzta

by Lindsay Shelton
When the NZTA announced yesterday that it wants to spend a “forecast investment” of $3.1billion over the next three years to get Wellington moving, it may have been acknowledging the immobility of the six-year-old “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” group (with the unfortunate name), which has had the same aim, without success.
Read more »

WCC approves ‘city streets’ improvements but they’ll take ten years to complete

The Wellington City Council today approved the first stage of the City Streets package developed by Let’s Get Wellington Moving. It includes bus priority lanes, and better spaces for walking and cycling. Read more »

Building out, not up

by Stephen Moore
The City Council and the Government are promoting construction of multi-storey high density housing throughout Wellington’s inner and outer suburbs as the solution to Wellington’s housing crisis both in terms of increasing supply and providing affordable housing. Read more »

No light at the end of this tunnel

If you’ve been wondering why LGWM seems to be continually distracted instead of making decisions to get us moving – yesterday’s news of recommendations in a (leaked) report would have confirmed your suspicions. Read more »

Crossing Cobham Drive


by Ellen Blake of Living Streets Aotearoa
I’m asking for your support of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving proposal for a new pedestrian crossing along Cobham Drive in Wellington near the airport, and for safer speeds along State Highway 1, also known as Ruahine St, Cobham Drive and Calabar Street. Read more »

How to cross the road?

crossing cobham drive concept

by Lindsay Shelton
What’s the best way for a pedestrian or a cyclist to cross four lanes of traffic on Cobham Drive? After some years of indecision, the people at LGWM this week came up with the answer. (And no, it’s not the dreadful design that is shown above.) Read more »

Spending our money, randomly

We’re barely past the halfway mark of the current iteration of the Wellington City Council and the hits just keep on coming. Read more »

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