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Super Saturday – almost 130,000 vaccinations


There were so many choices for getting a shot during Super Saturday today. By 10pm, a total of 129,995 people had turned out and had been vaccinated against covid. More than 13,500 of them were in Wellington and the Hutt Valley. Read more »

Much worse, and sooner

debris 4
Photo: Marten Rabarts

by Kerry Wood
Wellington’s weather has been wild recently, and we need to be aware of the consequences: much worse, too soon. A recent NIWA press release quotes Dr Scott Stephens, NIWA’s Chief Scientist for Coasts and Estuaries: Read more »

James Bond and the pandemic

james bond

by Lindsay Shelton
I went to see Daniel Craig’s last film as James Bond at the Embassy the other night. The big 700 seat theatre was sold out – there were about 300 of us, spaced out in all directions. Read more »

5 ways to get more homes

by Conor Hill
Wellington City’s Spatial Plan has five big issues that need resolving in the District Plan. Solving these issues would lead to a better city with more homes. Read more »

Six storeys in the suburbs

by Felicity Wong
City councillors will vote on 20 October to release Wellington’s Draft District Plan for “consultation”. After a majority of them ignored the huge amount of feedback on the draft Spatial Plan last year, it’s worth asking whether going to much trouble this time will make any difference. Read more »

Revenge of the trackless tram

by Conor Hill
Light Rail is the second option being put forward by Let’s Get Wellington Moving for mass transit. While it is better than bendy buses, it has diverged alarmingly from what was supported by all tiers of government in 2019. Read more »

Bendy buses won’t move Wellington

by Conor Hill
Bendy buses are not a solution to the long term public transport woes afflicting east and south Wellington. But after years of consultation, this is one of two ‘solutions’ Wellingtonians may be stuck with. Read more »

What’s really planned for the car park?

building on mfc

by Lindsay Shelton
There may have been some frantic negotiations on Sunday night, after the DomPost wrote a report about a new building that is being planned for the Michael Fowler carpark, and how it would be occupied. Because when the council released its own announcement on Monday morning, the categories in the list had changed almost completely. Read more »

No plans, but they love it anyway

by Lindsay Shelton
There was a night of magical thinking last Thursday when Wellington City Councillors debated the proposal to support a new building on the open green waterfront lawn of Frank Kitts Park. Read more »

The lawn is not for building

Open letter from Helene Ritchie to Wellington mayor and councillors
I am writing in anticipation of your debate tomorrow about Frank Kitts Park, because there is significant public concern about the loss of green open public space on our waterfront. I want to alert you to a serious omission that your officers appear to have made. Read more »