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National candidate backs homeless and renters as well as home owners

News from National Party
National Party candidate for Wellington Central Nicola Willis has committed to being a strong voice for the housing needs of Wellingtonians.

Ms Willis detailed her commitment at a housing forum hosted by Wellington’s St Andrew’s on the Terrace tonight.

“Wellington is growing strongly, with new jobs being created and more people from around the world choosing to live in our great city,” Ms Willis says.

“Our strong economy gives us an incredible opportunity to future-proof our city for tomorrow’s increased housing needs.

“The National-led Government is already developing new purpose-built social housing for Wellingtonians with the highest housing needs, with 145 new units being built across the city. The Government is requiring more land to be released for housing development and it has streamlined the process for consenting new developments. Wellington property developers are confident about Wellington’s prospects and have signalled their intention to build more houses in our city.

“I’m singling out three areas I’ll be seeking additional progress in if I’m elected.

“I am calling for Wellington to receive its share of the $16.5 million of additional funding the Government has put aside to expand services for homeless people, through the Housing First approach. I want to see some of our fantastic local social services funded to deliver on their mission of ending homelessness in Wellington.

“I am announcing my plan to stick-up for Wellington’s renters by ensuring the Government’s reformed housing quality laws are adhered to. The vast majority of Wellington landlords are responsible and maintain their properties in good condition.

“I’ll work with the local council to ensure all landlords uphold our strengthened quality housing requirements, so more houses are free from dampness, weatherproofed, able to be properly ventilated, to have approved standards of heating in place, and from 2019 to have insulation in roof and underfloor.

“Finally I’m announcing my intention to work alongside property developers and local authorities to remove any unnecessary planning and regulatory barriers that stand in the way of new houses being built.

“The National-led Government’s commitment to strong economic management and practical housing policy is serving Wellington well. Today I’m committing to working constructively with Wellingtonians to ensure our housing needs continue to be met.”


  1. Libby Grant, 12. July 2017, 7:10

    Lame lame lame. The 2019 ‘approved standards’ Nicola Willis refers to are two requirements landlords have to meet: install insulation to the 1978 standard (the year insulation was made compulsory in new housing in NZ, yes ,1978 and when i last checked it is now 2017 – do the maths!) and install smoke alarms. That will make absolutely no difference to the dangerous, indeed deadly state of most of the rental housing in NZ. Every year people die in our country because they live in poor quality rental housing. However, Nicola Willis doesn’t need to be too concerned about this as these people are poor and not National voters. A true commitment to improving the lives of people living in poor quality housing could start with two things: immediately introducing the rental housing WOF and maintaining the EECA Warm Up NZ housing insulation programme which the government is scrapping from June next year, despite the fact that it has a benefit cost ratio of 6:1 and there are still hundreds of thousands of uninsulated homes in NZ.

  2. Mary M, 12. July 2017, 9:40

    The govt has grown the seeds for homelessness.
    This politician lives on planet Key.

  3. Mike, 12. July 2017, 9:44

    WOF costs will just increase rents.
    I know students who disconnect the smoke alarm to smoke and can’t afford to pay for heating. So none of Libby’s “homelessness fixes” are relevant solutions to the problems we see.