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Serving the community: candidate’s 7 campaign issues

by Rob Goulden
Being a councillor for me is about service to the community, and the city.

My family have lived in Wellington for more than 50 years. I am passionate about Wellington and the city. For me this is the most beautiful city in the world with huge potential and opportunities if we don’t squander them, and the city needs experienced councillors

The next 3 years are particularly important with the planned Capital projects – redevelopment of the Airport, the Port, the cycleway program, social affordable housing, roading and other transport issues just to name a few.

The challenge for us about doing that with an annual Council budget of $380 million dollar a year budget, 85,000 ratepayers against a backdrop of an ever increasing (it seems) Council debt which currently stands at $520,000,000.

So what we spend our money on needs to be really scrutinised about best value for money. It’s no different from the way you run your family budgets. It’s about making smart choices and, where we can, partnerships to share the burden and costs of development of our city.

I want a progressive Wellington where families, business, sport, arts and culture flourish.

Council must at all times act openly and fairly. There can’t be any secrecy behind decision and there must be a positive culture and sense of teamwork.

The 7 things I am campaigning on are:

To control Council spending and reduce the $520million plus debt.

Stronger local representation and a more transparent Council

Supporting public transport and other transport solutions. I regularly use public transport myself.

To ensure there is enough affordable, safe, warm, insulated public housing for people who need it.

To fix the boat ramps and associated facilities for fishing and recreation.

What we can do for our most senior and vulnerable people and the youth of our City who are our future.

Climate change and the city’s sustainability in every sense.

Example. Put a first Aid kit in every car.Why? In the event of a major emergency everyone would have immediate access to minor and perhaps more serious medical treatment and would know where to find kit if they needed it.

My work experience spans more than 40 years including 23 years as a Police Officer including diplomatic protection work and a stint at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet as the National EO for Domestic and External Security for the department of Prime Minister and the NZ Army Officer both regular and Reserves Forces, United Nations work in Bosnia, Regional Operations Manager for a Commercial Security Company, 12 years as a Councillor, working as part of the Peace Monitoring Group in Bougainville, Security operations for the Capital Coast and District Health Board, Security work for LSG Skychefs and I currently work for Centreport in Operations and Security on the Port. A very interesting and dynamic environment.

Without being over confident I believe I have the skills, background, maturity and good judgment to represent you.

Voluntary work with the Returned Services Association members, Justice of the Peace work for 15 years, Cleaning up the South Coast for more than 10 years, work with the Mary Potter Hospice fundraising and collections, life flight trust and for the last 3 years as a volunteer at the Sevens

I hold a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Massey University graduating in 1998.

The most important things in my life are probably the same as it is for you and that is family and people. My dad before he died 7 years ago always told me that in life you do what you can for people, be kind to people, always look after those who struggle and live in adversity, work hard, and do the greatest good you can for the greatest number of people. That is the driving force in my life apart from Kathryn, my wonderful partner of 29 years who supports me.

I am a husband/partner, father of three adult children and a grandfather to my latest gift in a life that has been well lived and is not yet finished. Our cat’s name is Mischief.

I love fishing, rugby and refereeing when I have time and cycling and walking.

I offer integrity, sincerity, drive, passion, competence and experience and a top work ethic and a person who will listen to your concerns, your views, your complaints and be a very strong voice for you as a Councillor if elected. I am happy to be held accountable for what I do and say.

I am not perfect and will occasionally make mistakes which everyone does but I learn from them as we all do.

What I am asking you to do is really have a think about and carefully consider the issues, what you expect from Council and your representative on that Council and if you think it appropriate support me in my endeavours to serve you well.

Ultimately the choice is yours and that’s the way it should be………It isn’t about them and us. We have to work together for our future.

Rob Goulden is of eight candidates in the byelection for the Southern Ward of the Wellington City Council.