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Giving back: candidate aims to make local voices heard


by Mohamud Mohamed
My main reasons for entering the by-election contest are to give something back to the community and the city that have become my home, and to represent the people of the Southern Ward in such a manner that they feel their voices are being heard in discussions where decisions are made.

I’m a Wellington businessman who came to New Zealand 18 years ago as a refugee from Somalia.

My extensive community experience includes working as a social worker and in the voluntary sector, and chairing the Multicultural Council of Wellington.

Since I came to Wellington as a refugee, I have completed a degree in Social Work. I am now managing a small business in Wellington.

If elected, I will support sustainable transportation solutions for the wider region.

I will push for funding for new social enterprises and small businesses that will improve housing, health, education, transport and the environment of Wellington South.

I will focus on the people and issues of Wellington South and not be limited by big party politics and policies. I believe that locals know what is best for their own community.

I am married with six children.

Eight candidates for the by-election.