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Making a better city: Labour candidate lists her aims


by Fleur Fitzsimons
I know that Wellington is a great place to live but that we can make our suburbs stronger and our city even better.

The Council can do much more to ensure all children have wonderful memories of growing up in Wellington, by building modern playgrounds and indoor spaces for year-round play. I also want every child to have the opportunity to learn to swim before they start school regardless of their parents’ ability to pay.

It is heart-breaking that children are growing up in cold, damp homes in our city and elderly people are dying prematurely because of poor housing. I want to see houses that are warm and dry and housing to be more affordable. By working with central government, we can improve housing quality and affordability.

We must invest in building resilience and transport infrastructure to unblock the Basin Reserve and invest in public transport for the future. I will be a strong advocate for investment in all modes of transport.

Obviously, we must take climate change seriously. I will support the work of the City Council in reducing emissions and helping households to do their bit too.

A strong community is one where everyone feels they belong. I will work constructively with others to find solutions to difficult problems like social isolation, loneliness and to stop sexual harassment and assault in our city.

The City Council must properly listen to people and genuinely learn the lessons of past mistakes, including the need to actively seek views from the community well before decisions are made. We cannot have any more Council projects which shock communities.

I am a lawyer and active in the community. Over the last ten years I’ve worked on campaigns to reduce student debt, deliver equal pay for working women and to save community playgrounds. I was involved in establishing the successful coalition for 26 weeks paid parental leave.

An effective City Council can do so much good in our community in so many ways. I am asking for your support so we can do even better for Wellington. Do feel free to get in touch via Facebook (Fleur Fitzsimons for Southern Ward) or email: Fleur@Labour.org.nz

Fleur Fitzsimons is the Labour Candidate for the Southern Ward by-election.

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  1. Paul Thomas, 4. December 2017, 18:12

    Hello Fleur: do you support motorcycles as a form of transport? I generally like what I am hearing from you, but would like to know if you have a particular stance given some WCC councillors are stating they “do not wish to support an inherently dangerous mode of transport”

    Highly regarded studies from Europe show that a 10 percent increase in two wheeled transport created a 30% reduction in congestion. Why this current council is punishing motorcyclists is beyond me when we are part of the transport solution. WCC have been removing motorcycle parks and are actively ticketing anyone who attempts to park outside a designated MC parking spot (hard not to do when there is a massive shortfall in parking spots for motorcycles). Progressive cities like Melbourne allow MC parking on certain footpath areas (obviously where pedestrian, wheelchair or stroller access is not negatively affected).
    Given you state you support investment in all forms of transport, I hope this would extend to two wheeled motorized transport solutions. I hope you have the time to respond. Thanks in advance.