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Petone-Grenada link road postponed for ten years

News from NZTA
The Petone to Grenada link road project has been re-evaluated to determine whether it aligned with the priorities set out in the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (GPS) 2018-2021. The re-evaluation recommended that the project be redesigned with a focus on resilience, safety and improving transport choice across the state highway network.

The timing of this work will depend on funding availability and other nationwide funding priorities.

In endorsing the re-evaluation recommendations, the Transport Agency Board has noted that a link road is required, but that funding will be considered at a later date. The re-evaluation recommends that construction of a long-term east-west connection be considered for funding from 2028.

Transport Agency Director of Regional Relationships Emma Speight says the overwhelming majority of trips between Porirua/northern Wellington and the Hutt Valley are by private car.

“In line with the Government’s vision for our transport network, the redesigned project will be required to provide improved transport choice for these east-west journeys,” Ms Speight says.

“The Kaikōura and Wellington earthquakes had already prompted a rethink of the proposed expressway standard Petone to Grenada link road. In 2017, we identified that the link road in its then-proposed form may not provide the resilience outcomes needed for Wellington, was more costly than first thought, and its impacts on the environment might be difficult to minimise.

“The next step will be to seek funding for the development of a business case, which will include working with the community and our local government partners on improving transport choice for east-west journeys.

“We’ve also identified some improvements we could make to the existing transport network to improve resilience in the short term. The timing of this work will also depend on funding availability and other funding priorities across the country.

“We appreciate people’s patience as we’ve worked through this important re-evaluation process to ensure our projects align with Government priorities,” Ms Speight says.

More information about the re-evaluation process can be found at www.nzta.govt.nz/project-re-evaluations

More information on the Petone to Grenada Link Road project can be found at www.nzta.govt.nz/p2g

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  1. luke, 10. April 2019, 20:20

    Let me guess, will the great harbour way also be kicked down the road for another decade, as the fill was coming from this project?

  2. Mark Shanks, 11. April 2019, 8:46

    Petone to Grenada was a dumb idea. This is a good decision. No more roads please.

  3. greenwelly, 11. April 2019, 9:49

    @Luke, At the December board meeting, NZTA approved $7.2 million for the “pre implementation” of the cycleway and up to $94 million for construction after the conclusion on the “statutory consenting phase.” But no timeline was given. I would imagine they will start the resource consent process sometime this year, with construction maybe beginning next year? (I think they mentioned ages ago that having to buy fill added about $7 million to the project).

  4. glenn, 12. April 2019, 11:33

    More roads the better, public transport is a complete disaster

  5. Mark Shanks, 12. April 2019, 16:31

    Jeepers Glen, I agree that currently public transport is a disaster, but fixing it is a lot cheaper than building new roads and far more sustainable.

  6. luke, 12. April 2019, 18:03

    new roads to fix congestion is like bigger plates to deal with obesity.

  7. Andy Mellon, 12. April 2019, 18:29

    The trains are fantastic these days. Hopefully the P2G money can be ploughed into schemes to remove cars from the road – e.g. rebuilding the Melling Interchange and allowing the Melling Branch to be extended to Kelson/Belmont.

  8. Dave B, 12. April 2019, 22:37

    Dust off various long-forgotten plans to extend the rail system as Andy Mellon says. Extend the Melling Line, build the rail tunnel to Wainuiomata, re-connect Johnsonville to Tawa, and above all, extend the rail system to the airport.
    Where will the money come from? Simple. Stop building new roads.

  9. steve doole, 13. April 2019, 12:21

    Andy Mellon, good idea.
    I think the old old railway route from Wairarapa to Lower Hutt was built partially on the west bank of the river, and later truncated at Melling after the route via Woburn and Taita opened. Does anyone know whether there was ever double track between Lower Hutt and say Trentham ?