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Inner city apartment owners meeting to discuss quake strengthening costs


Inner city residents have called a meeting next week to discuss the cost of insuring and strengthening residential units in earthquake prone buildings.

The meeting will be on Thursday, 6 June from 6 – 8 pm at the Faculty of Architecture & Design, Victoria University of Wellington, Vivian Street.

The meeting has been called by a collaborative lobby group for owners of residential units in earthquake prone buildings which includes Inner City Wellington, Body Corporate Chairs’ Group, and individual owners. The group invites other owners to this important and urgent meeting.

The agenda includes

Update on lobbying the Government and the Wellington City Council to address the unfair treatment of residential owners
Release of ICW’s survey of affected owners and other research. The results are shocking.
Free tool to help calculate the FULL costs of strengthening.
Update on buildings with pre-cast floors and insurance.
Launch of a petition to Parliament

We need your support to push for action and ensure the voices of residential owners are heard. Please join us on Thursday 6 June. RSVP here.


  1. michael, 30. May 2019, 21:14

    It is really bad when the desperate owners of these buildings have to resort to petitioning the government whose mandate is suppose to be all about fairness and well-being.

  2. Leviathan, 31. May 2019, 2:46

    There’s an article on Eye of the Fish about this that you might like to read before the Inner City meeting.

  3. Rural resident, 31. May 2019, 7:42

    People will pay less to rent or buy buildings that are compliant to an old earthquake code. There are also people who paid for their apartments that were compliant at the time of building. In the stroke of a pen their homes are worth nothing as the cost of upgrade is more than the building value. Seems unfair to me.

  4. Laura, 5. June 2019, 8:07

    If strengthening buildings is for the public good, then the public purse needs to be opened. If the Government is changing the rules (earthquake buildings along main arterial routes, given less time to strengthen) then that is another reason why funding must be provided by both the Government and the WCC.

  5. Heidi P, 5. June 2019, 9:41

    The new flawed code is not for the public good Laura.