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Tranzurban reviews social media policies after “wanker” criticism of cyclists

Report from RNZ
Bus company Tranzurban is reviewing its social media policies after a blunder earlier this week when a senior manager criticised cyclists.

The company’s operations infrastructure manager, Graham Atkinson, posted on Facebook a meme with the heading: “I’m a wanker starter pack”. It showed images of cycling gear, a bike and helmet, along with a picture of a cycle lane – but an arrow directing bikers to drive on the main part of the road.

Mr Atkinson’s post on the Wellington NZ Bus News page was then reposted on the Cycle Wellington page and met hefty criticism.

After Tranzurban was made aware, the meme was removed and Mr Atkinson was spoken to. The company was also apologetic for how it responded to a concerned cyclist on instant messenger.

In the exchange, a Tranzurban employee downplayed the meme saying there was nothing wrong with what Mr Atkinson posted.

A Tranzurban spokesperson told RNZ the company was reviewing its social media policies, as a result of the blunder. She said it was making sure its staff knew what was expected of them and how to behave online.

The spokesperson said it had been in touch with cycling groups to formally apologise yesterday.

Tranzurban has about 380 staff in Wellington and Hutt Valley, along with five depots.


  1. Patrick Morgan, 30. May 2019, 11:18

    It wasn’t just criticism. It included a homophobic image. Looks like a toxic culture at TranzUrban.

  2. John, 7. June 2019, 8:23

    It showed a picture of a dildo. Where on earth do you see a dildo being associated with homophobia? Some people want to find outrage in everything they see. That is just as childish as what they see the wanker picture to be!