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Concerns continue about traffic safety and congestion on Shelly Bay

Media release from EMPI
Since 2016 Enterprise Miramar Peninsula Inc has been raising issues about traffic safety and congestion that will arise if the Shelly Bay Development proceeds. The revised application submitted by the Wellington Company has failed to address these concerns.

The revised application increases the predicted vehicle numbers from those in the original application for consent which EMPI succeeded in overturning last year. (A peak of 4700 vpd to 6000 vpd on Shelly Bay Road).

The results from EMPI’s recent community survey show that traffic is of major concern on the Peninsula and supports EMPI’s call for the Council to obtain an independent report on the road safety and congestion impacts of the proposed development

EMPI is disappointed that WCC rejected the Councillor proposal for investigations into traffic issues including the adequacy of TWCs proposal for Shelly Bay Road. On Wednesday the council voted 9:6 against asking the Chief Executive to progress the investigations into Shelly Bay Road that the Councillors had requested be done 2 years ago.

The Chair of EMPI Thomas Wutzler said “this work is essential. I can’t see why WCC can’t get on and get the investigation work on Shelly Bay Road done. We have advice from an independent traffic expert that if the development proceeds as proposed, Shelly Bay Road will become unsafe and congested. This should not be a political decision with Councillors voting on what appears to be party lines and hiding behind the resource consent process. The Council has responsibility for providing a safe road network.

“This investigation work is urgent as The Wellington Company’s updated resource consent proposes a 1-1.5m path on the seaward side of Shelly Bay Road. This mitigation option was rejected by the Council in 2017 after receiving 1103 submissions on Shelly Bay, many of which voiced concerns about the adequacy of the 1.5m path proposal for the road. Despite this the Council Officer advising the Commissioners has concluded that “Based on the advice of Mr Spence, I consider that the adverse effects in terms of transportation will be no more than minor” (Council section 42A report to the Commissioners page 41)


EMPI wrote to the Council outlining its concerns about traffic and providing a copy of independent expert report from Tim Kelly of Tim Kelly Transport Planning Ltd.

Mr Wutzler said: ‘The Council needs to consider Mr Kelly’s advice carefully and get its own independent advice because the officer’s report to the commissioners is at odds with these independent conclusions.

“We have asked the Chief Executive to ensure that Mr Kelly’s report is put before the Commissioners. That will allow the Panel to decide whether it should require further reports on traffic impacts and the adequacy of the Shelly Bay Road proposal before making their decision’.

“If Council fails to provide Mr Kelly’s report to the Panel and refuses to investigate the issues raised by Mr Kelly, it will be failing in its duty to provide all relevant information to the Panel and will continue to fail its obligations to the community.

“We think the Council has the responsibility to do this. Having elected to put Shelly Bay into the Special Housing process and cut out any person having a say, it is duty bound to ensure that the Panel is provided with all relevant information.

“It is now almost 2 years since Councillors requested the CEO to properly investigate Shelly Bay traffic issues. That has not happened despite TWC increasing its predictions of traffic volumes and sticking by its proposal for narrow road and 1 to 1.5 m shared path.

“It’s now up to the Independent Panel to decide on the effects of the proposal. To do its job it needs proper advice independent of the Applicant and a Council which remains strongly supportive of the proposal.”

Mr Wutzler asked:

“Why wouldn’t a responsible local authority put this information before the decision makers?”

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  1. Pauline Swann, 4. September 2019, 16:35

    T totally support Enterprise Miramar Peninsula Inc on Safety and Congestion.