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No mayoral recount: Andy’s mayoralty is confirmed

The application for a recount in the Wellington mayoral election has been declined.

Defeated mayor Justin Lester reports:

We’ve just had a decision from the District Court Judge and he’s determined there won’t be a recount of the Wellington Mayoral contest.

I fully respect the Judge’s decision and the matter is now at an end.

Good luck to the new Mayor and Council for the next three years!

News from WCC
Wellington Mayor Andy Foster has welcomed the District Court decision not to order a recount in the City Council mayoral election.

“The judge said there were sufficient quality assurance and other checks in place to provide confidence in the result,” Mayor Foster says. “This shows we can have confidence in the integrity of the voting system, both in Wellington and around the country, and it has also saved the ratepayers the significant cost of a recount.

“The Chief Electoral Officer’s evidence was very strong, showing the system was very robust and there were checks and balances.

“The evidence was also that a good number of the partial and informal votes were votes cast for me, and even if they had been counted, the result would not have changed.

“I am very pleased to get this behind us. We can now move on with certainty and get on with the business of Council.

“It is unfortunate that it has taken this long to get to this point.”

Judge’s decision in full


  1. Concerned Wellingtonian, 8. November 2019, 11:53

    Was Lester so over-confident that he did not bother to appoint a scrutineer? After all, a scrutineer could have sorted out the whole business before the result had even been declared.

  2. michael, 8. November 2019, 14:39

    Thank goodness the ratepayers are spared wasting another $100,000. Now lets see if the new lot can get on with one another and sort out the problems.