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Harbour pollution continues around dive platform on Taranaki Wharf


The council’s Wellington Water company has not yet been able to stop sewage flowing into the harbour around Taranaki Wharf.

Because of this, it continues to ban swimming around the popular dive platform on the wharf.

Pollution has been reported in the area for more than seven years.

In 2013 the dive platform was closed for most of the year because of the pollution. Ian Pike said “options” were being explored to fix it, but they would take time.

But in March 2017 the options had failed, and pollution was continuing. So the diving platform was again closed, and the Regional Council said an investigation was under way.

Wellington Water said today:

We have been working this week on Cuba Street to resolve a cross-connection to reduce the contamination in the inner Wellington Harbour.

Recent tests show that the water quality has still not improved sufficiently, so we continue to advise people to avoid swimming or collecting seafood around the Taranaki Diving Platform until further notice.


Signage is in place in the affected areas.


  1. Curtis Antony Nixon, 10. January 2020, 19:06

    I always called this platform “swimming with tutae”. This sewerage leak has been known about for years yet the Wellington City Council went ahead and built a diving platform there, out of contrariness and/or ignorance. Whoever made this decision should have their position at WCC disestablished; ie get the sack.

    Government workers should be working under the assumption that their job is on the line if they make a bad decision or give faulty advice. This way we would weed out the bad performers, leading to a better system.

  2. CC, 10. January 2020, 23:31

    The problem Curtis, is that the failed waterfront company was taken under the wing of the council, then unbelievably given more rein to create havoc.The jump/dive platform was one of the less smelly of the waterfront initiatives!

  3. Ronald Smythe, 11. January 2020, 7:08

    I am amazed anyone swims in Wellington Harbour full stop. You’d have to have a hardy immune system to take the risk.

  4. michael, 12. January 2020, 11:19

    Curtis, the problem is that no-one in the council seems to be accountable for incompetent decisions and what is even worse the council spends thousands of dollars of our money defending them.