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More sewage pipes being repaired under three CBD streets


News from Wellington Water
As a result of our work on the broken wastewater pipe in Willis Street, we have also been working in Abel Smith, Cuba and Vivian Streets to perform maintenance work clearing out other wastewater pipes.

The next stage of work in the area involves lifting a manhole and making some repairs, followed by flushing. In order to do this, we need to close a section of the intersection of Abel Smith and Cuba Streets

Vehicles will be detoured down Wigan Street onto Taranaki Street and right on to SH1 and right on to Cuba.
The intersection will be on 24/7 traffic control signals.

Pedestrian access is still available throughout the work. Cyclists will have access past the site via the footpath on the closure side, so will be able to dismount and make their way through. Those who are using the “open” lanes will use the road as normal following the signals.

This work will begin on Wednesday, and is expected to take one month to complete.

Access along Cuba Street through this intersection is still available, however there will be no access into Cuba Street from the Taranaki Street entrance into Abel Smith Street.


  1. michael, 4. February 2020, 0:03

    What with no library, no town Hall, a boarded up Civic Square, no Frank Kitts Park underground market, wastewater pipes collapsing, polluting and substandard public transport, etc when will it end? Most of these problems have been around for years, yet nothing constructive has been done by any of the recent councils. All we seem to pay for are expensive reports, ongoing reviews, dubious public “consultation”, legal action to justify bad decisions, and no action. I am afraid we may have passed the point of no return as far as Wellington is concerned, after costs of years of neglect. But never mind we will have a new convention centre that will cost nearly $200 million, even though it is debatable there will be enough hotel rooms to house the delegates.

  2. Curtis Nixon, 4. February 2020, 11:22

    Maybe the council should put a sign up at the bottom of Ngauranga Gorge saying – “Wellington is closed for repairs”?