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Mayor forming a “transparent” task force, to develop plan to fix Wellington water

News from WCC
Wellington Mayor Andy Foster has today announced the formation of a Mayoral Taskforce to look into Wellington’s water situation.

“Following our meeting with Wellington Water yesterday, and further consideration by Councillors, it has been agreed that we need a dedicated team to look into the factors that have led to our current situation, and develop an action plan for Council consideration,” Mayor Foster says.

The Taskforce will cover issues like (but not limited to):

· the state of Wellington’s water infrastructure

· the adequacy of the renewals and maintenance programme

· requirements, including investment, to deliver a sustainable long term water network

· governance arrangements.

“While these issues are not unique to Wellington, as evidenced by the Auditor-General’s recent findings, they are of serious concern to the Council and to Wellingtonians. So we need an expert team focussed solely on this, which is what the Taskforce will provide.”

Terms of reference, Taskforce membership and a number of other administrative matters are still being finalised.

“However, it is intended the Taskforce include mana whenua and some members independent from the Council, to provide a fresh and objective perspective is brought to the process.

“We understand the high public interest in this issue and so will ensure the Taskforce’s work is open and transparent.”

Decisions that are made following the Taskforce’s work, and especially those with financial implications, will feed into Council’s planning and budget processes.

“In the meantime, we will continue to work with Wellington Water to ensure that specific current problems are dealt with efficiently and that communication with the public about them is improved.

“It’s really important that we meet community, mana whenua and our own expectations in terms of the reliable provision of clean water and environmental protection. The Taskforce will be a useful tool in achieving those goals. As water is a regional as well as city issue, I have spoken with other Mayors and Chairs around the region about the establishment of the Taskforce.”

More details will be released once they are finalised.


  1. Conor Hill, 20. February 2020, 14:19

    How would that work given that the WCC doesn’t have a controlling stake in Welington Water?

  2. Eric Blair, 20. February 2020, 14:36

    Transparent? Unlike our water!

  3. michael, 20. February 2020, 15:06

    Another task force – really!! Surely good business practice dictates that the state of Wellington’s water infrastructure, the adequacy of the investment, renewals and maintenance programme to deliver a sustainable long term water network, and governance should all have been subject to regular auditing by the WCC. Sounds like the WCC handed over the system and wiped their hands of any significant responsibility by simply relying on quarterly reports.

  4. NigelTwo, 20. February 2020, 17:23

    @michael – you missed an opportunity. The idiom variant you could have used is: “washed their hands”.

  5. michael, 20. February 2020, 21:03

    Good one Nigel 🙂