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Wait till August; some of the cancelled cycleways may get a second chance

News from WCC
Some of the recently withdrawn temporary cycleways in Wellington will be considered in future council work programmes.

“We know many people were disappointed that we were unable to continue to consider the temporary cycleways as a Covid-19 response once we reached pandemic alert level 1. However it was evident that many of them had strong community support,” says Deputy Mayor Sarah Free.

Council staff are working with NZTA to reframe several of the temporary covid-19 projects as Innovating Streets trials. To be eligible, the projects need to demonstrate a pathway to permanence if the trial is successful. Projects that may be advanced in this way include the Shelly Bay, Brooklyn hill, and Onepu Rd cycleways. The Council will consider a paper on these revised projects in August.

If approved by the Council and NZTA, new consultation and traffic resolutions would be required before these projects could progress.

“We thank everyone who took the time to submit on the recent traffic resolutions. Your feedback will be used to fine-tune the designs before coming back to the community,” says Cr Jenny Condie.

Trial approaches have been successful in other parts of New Zealand and internationally. The temporary nature of the street infrastructure allows the design to be revised after it has been implemented. “The idea is that the trial itself becomes part of the consultation process,” says Cr Condie.

The Evans Bay cycleway has recently received funding from NZTA for engagement and early design work with the community. This will continue as part of the Council’s normal cycleway programme. It will not be considered for a trial treatment.

“We clearly heard the message that this community wants more involvement in the design of the cycleway, which will form part of the Great Harbour Way route,” says Deputy Mayor Free.

Inner city projects on Stout Street, Featherston Street and Victoria Street will be reviewed through the Let’s Get Wellington Moving City Streets package.


  1. Tim Jones, 11. June 2020, 10:21

    It’s good to see that many of these proposals – which included proposals to include walking, not just cycleways – will get another chance. But I’m disappointed that the Evans Bay proposal appears to have been put on the naughty step for now, as the proposed cycleway would be good for both pedestrians and cyclists – keeping the footpath clear for pedestrians and users of low-speed mobility devices, while creating safe, separated space for users of bikes, ebikes etc.

  2. Patrick Morgan, Cycling Action Network, 11. June 2020, 13:25

    Tim, the Evans Bay proposal will go through a different process. You can look forward to a high quality protected bike lane from the city and connecting to paths on Cobham Drive and into Kilbirnie. That will mean fewer people on bikes and scooters on the footpath.
    Yes, the delay is frustrating, but I’m confident our Councillors will deliver. We deserve safe and attractive streets that work for all, not just the few.

  3. Rich, 11. June 2020, 16:24

    Patrick: Evans Bay Parade was consulted on a few years ago and approved. Since then the cycle lane is coming along from Jerningham Point towards Greta Point, but do you know what is happening with the Greta Point to Cobham part? Last year the council spent a lot of money doing an extensive reseal of the road from Greta Point to Hataitai beach, even re-installing the dreaded pinch points along the way. It doesn’t add up if WCC is really planning on completing that cycle route to Cobham Drive?

  4. Groggy, 12. June 2020, 10:29

    @ Rich, you assume that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. But this is WCC so that is highly unlikely.