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The LGWM carrot moves away, again

Anyone who is suspicious about the lack of progress with Let’s Get Wellington Moving (it’s proving to be an ill-chosen name) will have had their suspicions confirmed by a report from Georgina Campbell in the NZ Herald. She reports that the draft indicative business cases for two major LGWM projects are behind schedule by up to eight months.

Tender documents state drafts were due on the second Mt Victoria tunnel and mass rapid transit by the end of this month, but they’re now scheduled for early to mid-next year.

LGWM’s programme director blames the delay on the complexity of the projects and the rigour of analysis being done. And he says more investigations and more consultation can be expected next year.

“The later date for business case approvals does not impact on the next stage of work which involves a more detailed investigation in to options and pre-construction work including consenting”, he told Georgina Campbell.

Regional Council chair Daran Ponter responded by choosing his words carefully. The Herald quotes him as saying the delay wasn’t entirely unexpected, but it was frustrating. “Wellingtonians have had the Let’s Get Wellington Moving carrot dangled in front of them for quite a long time now and I think we all want to see the projects actually moving.”

Mayor Andy Foster refused to be interviewed on the subject.

Green Party transport spokeswoman Julie Anne Genter agreed it was important to have thorough analysis to get the bigger projects right. “However, that is no reason to delay the early wins like bus priority and safe walking and cycling, which can be delivered relatively cheaply and will make a huge difference to people living in and trying to get around the city every day”.


  1. michael, 2. October 2020, 23:16

    Why am I not surprised? At this rate LGWM will give Coronation Street a run for its money as the longest running saga.

  2. Northland, 3. October 2020, 15:54

    I blame the delay on the gravy train that is LGWM. It’s in no-one’s interest who’s working on the project for it ever to finish. An endless horizon of reports, briefings, ‘draft indicative business cases’, ‘indicative draft business cases’ etc etc. The show must go on! LOL