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Vegetarian Society welcomes invitation for Duncan Garner to eat at Aunty Mena’s

News from NZ Vegetarian Society
The NZ Vegetarian Society has welcomed Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s invitation to take TV3’s Duncan Garner for a meal at Aunty Mena’s in Cuba Street.

“Grant Robertson’s offer to take Duncan to Aunty Mena’s restaurant in Wellington was really generous,” says Duncan McKibbin of the NZ Vegetarian Society. “What a great place to start. I’d love to join them. I hear their food is delicious!”

Mr McKibbin was commenting on Duncan Garner’s promise to go vegan – he made the pledge in July when he said he was so confident that Labour wouldn’t poll high enough to govern alone that if it did, “I promise to become a vegan for a year.”

Philip McKibbin says Garner has made the right choice.

“Veganism is better for the animals, better for the planet, and – of course – better for our health. 15% of Kiwis are avoiding meat most or all of the time, and that number looks set to rise. The future is vegan.”

Mr McKibbin says going vegan is a challenge, but one that most people can meet.

“I don’t know, I reckon Duncan could probably do it. I guess we’ll see if he’s up to it, won’t we? If he needs any advice, he can always give us a call.”

Mr McKibbin even had some tips for Garner, “It’s mostly a case of cutting out animal products and eating more of the good things – legumes, grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts. It’s a good idea to think about B12, too. Veganism is easy once you get the hang of it.”

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  1. Kenneth David Gordon Mackenzie, 20. October 2020, 11:09

    Hear, hear! I would love to shout him a meal a month there for a trimester,