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After geyser in Aro Street, repairs to broken water main take four days

aro st geyser 2

News from Wellington Water
Our team repaired the mains in Aro Street last night and services have been fully restored. Temporary reinstatement is in place with a section of footpath closed. Permanent reinstatement is planned for Monday.

Wellington.Scoop – January 28
Wellington Water has another problem to fix – this time, a burst water main in Aro Street.

The water main burst about 4pm, sending up a geyser which the DomPost reported was 20 metres high.

Wellington Water isn’t saying much about the burst water main.

Its website has one line of information saying “a number of properties have been affected.”

Then there was one tweet at 4.40 which said

Crews are onsite and have isolated the broken main. There is no loss of service to customers within the catchment area. Traffic management is being put in place to make it safe, then the team will make the repairs.

Seven hours later, nothing more.

There’s also no new information about the burst wastewater main in the CBD. Repairs continued for a fourth day today, with no progress reported by Wellington Water.

Columnist Dave Armstrong had more to say than the semi-silent council company. He tweeted:

The 2nd day of the Wellington Water Geyser Festival has been a massive success. Slow and Sludgy is captivating waterfront crowds while the Te Aro Gusher is turning a sleepy valley into the Venice of the South. Watch out for a big surprise on Day 3 somewhere near you.


  1. Joel MacManus, 29. January 2021, 9:06

    The sewage pipe which burst on Monday was found to be at high risk of failing during an inspection in 2018, but council rules meant a replacement couldn’t be funded for another three years. [via twitter]

  2. Lindsay, 29. January 2021, 9:11

    Friday morning 9am and there’s been no information on the Wellington Water website about repairs to the burst sewage pipe in the CBD since Wednesday morning. And the only information (on line) about fixing the burst watermain in Aro Street was released at 4pm yesterday.

  3. TrevorH, 29. January 2021, 11:34

    @Joel MacManus: what Council rules prevented replacement? The fact is money levied from ratepayers for depreciation and the renewal of the 3 waters system was redirected and frittered away on other projects. There is a story here that needs to be exposed. Please keep digging, we need investigative journalism to shine a spotlight on the operations of the failing WCC.

  4. Wellington Inc, 29. January 2021, 13:06

    The Wellington Geyser Festival (with apologies to Dave Armstrong) is another example of why the council needs to prioritise boring, core business, basic infrastructure ahead of the razzle dazzle it traditionally favours.

  5. Toni, 29. January 2021, 14:55

    While we make jokes, as it is often the only way to try and combat the anger towards the WCC and the outrageous situation they have created over countless years. The situation seems to have resulted from a council loss of focus or disinterest in their major responsibility to provide a sustainable city infrastructure. Instead, they have farmed out the “boring” stuff, got rid of their in-house experts, lost institutional knowledge, and directed their focus to glory projects. Now, as Wellington’s infrastructure is quickly deteriorating to that of a 3rd world country, WCC is pushing the blame towards Wellington Water who only took over the failing system in 2014 and since then has struggled to get the funding required from WCC to do a proper job.

  6. Meredith, 29. January 2021, 15:02

    Water meters will sure fix this leak!!

  7. HR, 29. January 2021, 15:32

    Quick get a water meter on it. That will fix it.

  8. Mutt, 29. January 2021, 15:55

    Toni – that’s the whole point of the neo liberal contracting out of services, to be able to blame someone else (Wellington Water) for your (WCC) problems while those at the top continue to collect massive salaries and avoid scrutiny. It’s why councils barely do anything in-house anymore. They should be reduced massively given their actual lack of responsibilities, or the services should be brought back in-house.